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What to Look For in an LGBTQ+ Family Lawyer

As a person in an LGBTQ+ relationship who’s considering marriage or starting a family with their partner, you may be interested in hiring an LGBTQ+ family lawyer to help secure you and your partner’s, or you and your family’s future. There are a variety of factors you’ll need to consider that the average hetero-couple will […]

When Should You Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Whenever you’re in a situation that falls under the umbrella of family law, you may wonder to yourself when it’s necessary to hire a family law attorney for their expertise and guidance. While each situation is different, every person and every instance can benefit from the professional help an experienced lawyer can provide. Let’s review […]

4 Situations Where You Need a Family Law Attorney

Family law cases in New Mexico can become complex quickly. This area of law covers many sensitive and emotional issues, including divorce, adoption and child custody. If you are in a domestic situation but are not sure whether you need a family law attorney, consider whether any of the scenarios below apply to you. You […]

4 Questions Your Divorce Attorney Will Ask You

Consulting with a divorce attorney in New Mexico can feel final and even intimidating, but it’s a wise move. An attorney will be able to give you advice specific to your situation and work to protect your interests. They will also address your concerns, answer your questions and act as your guide as your case […]

How to Navigate Your “Digital Divorce”

As you prepare for your divorce or legal separation in New Mexico, you’ve got a lot to do. You need to prepare documents, think about your future, organize your finances, and speak to a family law attorney. But there is another side to divorce these days, too, and it’s one that too many people neglect […]

What to Do if You Lose Custody of Your Child in New Mexico

Losing custody of your child in New Mexico is a devastating experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. When a court takes custody rights away from a parent, it’s because the judge believes the child would have a healthier, happier life under the care of someone else. The court may have […]

3 Steps to Decide if Your Attorney Is Right for You

A divorce is a complex and often emotional process. You’ll have your family law attorney at your side to help you navigate these legal waters during what is a difficult time in your life. For the sake of the outcome of your divorce and your own stress levels, it’s important you feel confident in and […]

What to Consider if You Are a Small Business Owner Going Through a Divorce

When you got married, you joined your life with your spouse’s in a formal, legal way. If you were a small business owner, chances are you linked your business to your spouse, too, and the same is true if they owned a business. When a divorce involves a small business, things can naturally get tricky […]

How to Make Your Divorce More Amicable

When a couple decides to get divorced, the transition can be harder if they let their emotions call the shots. Simply put, a couple who ends up in a very contested dispute during their divorce often spends a lot more money and experiences more stress than a couple in an amicable one. If you want […]

3 Tips for Your Personal Well Being During Your Divorce

Divorce is a tough transition, even if it’s amicable. You’re going to be starting a whole new life, and while there are exciting opportunities, there are also going to be difficulties. Because of this, it’s very important to take care of your mental health during your divorce. This will help you start your new life […]