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3 Steps to Decide if Your Attorney Is Right for You

A divorce is a complex and often emotional process. You’ll have your family law attorney at your side to help you navigate these legal waters during what is a difficult time in your life. For the sake of the outcome of your divorce and your own stress levels, it’s important you feel confident in and […]

What to Consider if You Are a Small Business Owner Going Through a Divorce

When you got married, you joined your life with your spouse’s in a formal, legal way. If you were a small business owner, chances are you linked your business to your spouse, too, and the same is true if they owned a business. When a divorce involves a small business, things can naturally get tricky […]

How to Make Your Divorce More Amicable

When a couple decides to get divorced, the transition can be harder if they let their emotions call the shots. Simply put, a couple who ends up in a very contested dispute during their divorce often spends a lot more money and experiences more stress than a couple in an amicable one. If you want […]

3 Tips for Your Personal Well Being During Your Divorce

Divorce is a tough transition, even if it’s amicable. You’re going to be starting a whole new life, and while there are exciting opportunities, there are also going to be difficulties. Because of this, it’s very important to take care of your mental health during your divorce. This will help you start your new life […]

How to Find the Best Attorney for Your Case

When you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in New Mexico, you probably already have some idea of what to do for a successful search. Checking online reviews, asking family and friends, and vetting the attorney with your local bar association are all solid pieces of advice that everyone has heard before. However, finding the right […]

5 Questions Your Divorce Attorney Will Ask You

When you are heading to an initial consultation for a divorce with a New Mexico family law attorney, you might wonder what types of questions you’ll be asked. Your first meeting with the attorney is important as it will form the foundation for your case and your attorney’s approach to it. It pays to have […]

Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce

Divorce can take a toll on many areas of your life, including your finances. While you may know that you should do some things–such as tracking your expenses and income–immediately before and during your divorce, there are some other financial mistakes people in divorce make that you may not be aware of. Spending Big Amounts […]

3 Financial Questions to Answer Before Filing for Divorce

Before you file for divorce, you’ve actually got a lot of things to do. Some people rush into filing and regret it later, especially when it comes to their financial situation. While you can still file regardless of your financial circumstances if your situation calls for it, you should still review your potential case with […]

How to Approach Your Divorce With a Healthy Mindset

When your marriage is ending, you’re dealing with a lot of things at once. Emotions, logistics, major decisions, and more are all parts of this process. Since there’s so much going on, it’s easy to lose perspective. As you prepare or go through your divorce in New Mexico, here are some important things you must […]

Property Division and Child Custody Differences in Same-Sex Marriages

While the divorce process basics are essentially the same for same-sex and heterosexual couples, there are some unique challenges that only same-sex couples will face. As the path to marriage and parenthood has evolved for same-sex couples over time, there are stipulations and laws that make getting a divorce a little more complex for same-sex […]