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3 Important Things That a Family Law Attorney Should Offer to Their Clients

For many people getting divorced, it is their very first time going through the process. If this applies to you–or even if it doesn’t–don’t be afraid to lean on your attorney’s knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process. As a client, there are three significant things you should expect to be offered by […]

What You Should Understand About Mediation During a Divorce Case

As you discuss your options with your family law attorney, one route you may have heard about is mediation. During mediation, you and your spouse and, possibly, your attorneys work with a third-party—who is entirely neutral and not connected in any way to either side—to help you reach agreements about the various issues in your […]

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Family Law Attorney

By now, you’ve likely heard all about the different things you need to ask a family law attorney before you decide to work with them. Since hiring an attorney to represent your interests in a family situation is such a personal matter, it is a pretty significant decision that will directly impact your case’s outcome. […]

3 Facts You Should Know About Family Court in New Mexico

Family court in New Mexico can seem overwhelming, intimidating and even scary to someone who has never had any contact with it from the outside. People who are dealing with divorce, child custody and legal separation matters are often concerned about what will happen in court because of its unfamiliar nature, and that’s understandable. After […]

What You Need to Understand About Domestic Violence Orders

Any time you are in a scary situation, you have to be able to rely on the law to help protect you. This is especially true when you are at risk of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can take some steps to help ensure your safety, including getting a […]

The Benefits of Splitting Co-Parenting Responsibilities Equally

Child custody cases are almost always emotional, and it can be difficult to work together with your co-parent to decide the parenting plan, which will detail how your children spend their time with each parent. While the exact factors at play in your case will naturally impact your plan’s details, it is worth knowing that […]

How to Look out for Your Own Financial Well Being During the Divorce Process

After a divorce, you’re essentially embarking on a new life. As tough as it can be to look ahead at your new single life, it’s more important than ever that you start looking at your future now, not after the ink has dried on the final divorce agreement. One of the first steps you need […]

How to Deal With Parental Gatekeeping

Any time parents separate, there’s a transition period that can get a little rough. One common problem during this shift to two households is gatekeeping when one parent is limiting or stopping the other parent’s visitation with the child. This can occur in many different situations and has two different general forms: protective and restrictive. […]

6 Tips to Make Your Divorce Less Stressful

Making your divorce less painful is possible, and it’s better for your own mindset and especially for your kids if you have any. Try the practical tips below to take some of the stress and sting out of your New Mexico divorce. Know What You Are Entering Into Before you actually file for divorce, it’s […]

3 Steps You Should Take If a Family Business Is Involved in Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is never what someone would call a fun experience, even if everyone is on good terms. Naturally, it upends many things in your life, and it can be more difficult when you have a family business to worry about. Like a marriage, a family business is a significant commitment. Whether you […]