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Dissolving relationships between couples that own businesses or have significant assets and liabilities, requires an experienced and knowledgeable Santa Fe family law attorney. Expertise in valuation, tax, master negotiating skill, and seasoned courtroom litigation are what any client should demand. The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer and its’ professional team possess these skills and have the required knowledge to represent the best interest of clients where significant assets are at stake. Engaging our legal team can help avoid costly mistakes that waste both time and money. This is an area of law that is not for amateurs!

We excel in handling the unique challenges high asset divorces present in the state of New Mexico. Examples of complex and high asset divorce cases (or relationship dissolution) are:

  • Closely held corporations or professional practices
  • Unique assets and collections
  • Multiple investments, including real estate and rental properties
  • Commercial real estate or farm property investments
  • Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans
  • Stock options and restricted stock or restricted stock units
  • Golden parachute plans
  • Executive compensation and unique employee benefit plans
  • Trusts and complex estates

Our professional team includes real estate appraisers, employee benefit experts, forensic accountants, and business valuation experts, as well as seasoned attorneys, whose expertise is often critical to the outcome of a complex high net worth divorce case. Our team takes a unique and personalized approach to each case and client.

Please contact our attorneys to discuss the best approach for resolving your high asset divorce.

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Advantages of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in High Asset Cases

It is common for high-net-worth individuals to have lawyers on retainer to help them with business or corporate matters. However, these commercial lawyers or even the general counsel in an organization usually do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with a divorce.

Family law matters are something else entirely. It has nuances and complexities that only years of experience can unfold. The involvement of loved ones can turn even the most straightforward cases into emotional ordeals.

For these reasons, working with a divorce lawyer in Santa Fe is ideal. Seasoned family law attorneys from the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer have the resources and the training to deliver the ideal outcome for you. We understand the intricacies of family law in New Mexico and how they may affect your high asset divorce.

Family lawyers also have a substantial background in dealing with estate planning and preparing last will and testaments. These are essential skills in ironing out asset distribution during divorce proceedings.

Lastly, divorce lawyers ensure that emotions do not get in the way of achieving a fair resolution. Finances and anguish generally do not mix well. Constant sound advice from attorneys who understand how to handle these entanglements will help you navigate through what can otherwise be a confusing and costly endeavor.

Do not risk unnecessary emotional or financial losses. Work with a family lawyer for your divorce in Santa Fe. Choose the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer.

Child Custody in High Asset Divorce

When you choose to work with our high asset divorce attorneys in Santa Fe, our team can also help you with other potentially related matters such as child custody.

While high-value assets add a degree of complexity to the dissolution of any marriage, the involvement of children can raise the stakes even higher and can easily make matters more emotional.

Our seasoned family law attorneys understand these considerations and are ready to make every effort to make sure that the resolutions reached prioritize the best interest of your children as well.

You can rely on the guidance of our divorce lawyers to help you understand and protect all your rights as a parent as well as a spouse. Whether at the negotiating table or in courtroom litigation, we have the experience to ensure the most ideal outcomes for you and your child.

Estate Planning

The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer also offers estate planning services. Good estate planning can prevent conflicts down the road, especially in the event of a dissolution of marriage.

Tasks such as taking inventory and valuating assets are key functions in estate planning and can be instrumental in divorce between high-net-worth individuals.

Hiring a seasoned family lawyer to help with estate planning ensures that the instructions are legally binding and will be upheld.

Let the seasoned divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer help you navigate through the nuances of the New Mexico court system. Our team is composed of only exceptional lawyers with excellent track records.

Dorene Kuffer

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With more than three decades’ worth of experience practicing criminal and family law in the state, Dorene has been a Supreme Court appointee to the New Mexico Access to Justice Commission for her accomplishments in all aspects of law. Find out more here.

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Dan developed his passion for helping people through difficult times during his law school days when he worked at a family law practice. Learn more about him here.

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