4 Situations Where You Need a Family Law Attorney

Family law cases in New Mexico can become complex quickly. This area of law covers many sensitive and emotional issues, including divorce, adoption and child custody.

If you are in a domestic situation but are not sure whether you need a family law attorney, consider whether any of the scenarios below apply to you.

You Are Ending a Marriage

Marriages don’t always work out, unfortunately, and you may have decided to part ways with your spouse. While you may be tempted to save money by doing your divorce on your own, this can backfire, cost you more in the long run and/or rob you of the result you are entitled to. You may not receive a fair division of the marital assets, for example, or you may lose some of your rights. Even a “simple” divorce can turn complicated over just one issue and you may find yourself scrambling to find help while in the middle of your case.

Your attorney will work to ensure that your rights are protected and that your divorce is settled with a fair agreement, even if your case unexpectedly goes from simple to complicated. They will also answer your questions and provide you with legal advice and guidance. If you have any special concerns, such as LGBTQ+ divorce laws, your attorney will address those as well.

You Are Adopting a Child

There are many legal requirements for New Mexico adoptions, and it is an incredibly complex area of family law. You will need to meet all of these requirements and work through various paperwork and steps.

Your attorney will help ensure that you meet all applicable adoption requirements before you make any emotional or financial investment in this process. They will assist you with all the forms so you do not make any costly mistakes, and they will keep you updated on your case throughout the process.

You Are Having Child Custody Issues

Child custody is often one of the most emotionally charged areas of a divorce or separation. You may not agree with your spouse on how to parent your child or what a parenting plan should look like. You may additionally have real concerns about your co-parent’s ability to parent your child or keep them safe.

An attorney can make a significant difference in your custody case. Beyond being familiar with the legal processes involved in custody suits, your attorney will be able to negotiate with your spouse’s attorney for you in cases where communication with your co-parent is frustrated or impossible. This increases the chances of you and your co-parent coming to an agreement on your own instead of having a judge make those major decisions for you.

You Are Getting Married

Although many people do not think of contacting a family law attorney when they are getting married, it can be a wise move. An attorney can answer any questions you may have about the legal impact of marriage in your situation.

An attorney can also help with a prenuptial agreement. While many people think prenuptial agreements are only for high-wealth individuals, they can be useful for anyone who wants to have a clear plan for what happens should the marriage not work out, including keeping property separate after the marriage. Speak to an attorney if you think a prenup may be a wise move before your marriage.

Trying to tackle a family law issue all on your own can leave you financially and emotionally drained during an already stressful time. Work with an experienced family law attorney so you have support, guidance and assistance throughout your family law case.