Estate Planning Can Protect What Matters Most

Estate planning is a very important part of protecting your loved ones’ future. It is a thorough process of arranging and organizing your assets, financial affairs and personal matters to ensure that your wishes are respected and your family’s financial security is safeguarded. Most importantly, by taking the time to form an estate plan, you […]

The Process for Disputing a Will

It is very rare for the family of a deceased individual to contest their will, but the situation does arise from time to time for a variety of reasons. Here is a look at the legal grounds for contesting a will, the process you must follow in order to contest the will, and the potential […]

Understanding Guardianship in Albuquerque

In the state of New Mexico, a judge may occasionally appoint a person, company or organization to act as a guardian for someone in cases where it can be proven that the individual is no longer able to make effective decisions or handle their living arrangements, finances or healthcare needs [1]. Guardianship in New Mexico is […]

Maternal DNA Testing – What It Is and Why You May Need It

We’ve all read news stories about children who were swapped at birth, and it is easy to believe that allaying a woman’s concern that the child she is rearing is not her own is the only reason to engage in maternal DNA testing. As counter-intuitive as it seems, there are a few reasons you may […]

Navigating the Legal Landscape Of LGBTQ+ Adoption

The word “family” is becoming increasingly inclusive. No longer just the domain of a male-female partnership, all people from all walks of life, beliefs, genders and sexualities are now able to start a family, whether they are alone or in a partnership, to nurture and care for children and build a loving family of their […]

Exploring a Grandparent’s Legal Right to Access After Divorce

When a couple gets a divorce, they will work toward achieving the best outcome for themselves and their children. They will need to separate joint assets and finances, protect assets that are solely owned, update their will and any power of attorney documents that exist, create a custody and co-parenting plan, and potentially find a […]

Adding A Child To Your Family By Surrogacy

Surrogacy is the process in which somebody maintains a pregnancy with the intention of handing over parental responsibility for the resultant child after its birth. It is a way of having a child that is frequently selected by those who wish to expand their family but either cannot have a child due to infertility or […]

How LGBT Equality Law Has Developed in Recent Year

June is celebrated around the world as “Pride Month”, so it seems appropriate to reflect on the many ways in which LGBT legal matters have advanced in recent years. We are taking this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the progress that has been made and consider the further measures that are needed to create an […]

Overcoming the challenges of gay marriage in a state that does not recognize it

When a same-sex couple moves to a state that does not recognize their marriage, they should be aware of – and prepared for – the implications. Marital benefits When a same-sex couple is married in a state that recognizes the lawful status of their wedding vows, they receive the same protection and benefits as their […]

Child Custody for Unmarried Parents: What You Need to Know

When a baby is born to an unmarried couple, the mother of the child is automatically recorded as the legal guardian of that child. For a father to potentially have joint responsibility, his name needs to be on the birth certificate or have paternity established. New Mexico law has a firm belief that, in most […]