3 Better Co-Parenting Resolutions for Your New Year

Sharing custody with your co-parent isn’t always easy, even if you both have the best of intentions. You may have already hit some rough patches with your co-parent over this last year, particularly if your divorce was more recent. With a new year ahead of you, it’s a great time to set the goal of […]

Social Media During Your Family Law Case: The Surprising Damage It Can Do

You’ve probably already heard about how social media can damage a court case. A person with a back injury who is suing, for example, might lose their case because there is a video on social media showing them lifting weights. Although this does happen, it’s important to understand that social media posts can damage a […]

How to Communicate With Your Soon-to-Be Ex in a Divorce

The divorce process can be very difficult at times. On top of that, there are additional things that can make everything more stressful. One common example of this is fighting between the divorcing spouses every time they have to meet. Constant disputes between divorcing spouses can actually make a divorce drag on for a longer […]

5 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Divorce “Grief”

Whether you decided to get a divorce or your spouse made the first move, it’s only natural to experience many emotions about the end of your marriage. This is true even if things between you and your spouse were pretty rough for an extended period of time. When you lose that type of intimate relationship–even […]

Yes, You Can Minimize Conflict During Your New Mexico Divorce

Divorce is a time of conflict. Whether your marriage is ending over a breach of trust, a major dispute or just irreconcilable differences, there is something keeping you and your spouse from resolving your marital issues. However, not every divorce has the same level of conflict, and you can minimize conflict during your divorce by […]

Do You Need to Switch Family Law Attorneys? 4 Questions Ask Yourself

Finding the right attorney for your family law concerns is crucial to the outcome of your case. With the right attorney onboard, you have the highest chance of the best possible outcome. Sometimes, people go with the wrong attorney at the start of their case and don’t realize it until some time has passed. Whether […]

Developing New Routines for Your Kids Post-Divorce

Children with divorced parents usually split their time between both households, with the exact time split dependent on the parenting plan. This often means that the children spend some weekdays and some weekend days with one parent and the rest of the time with the other. When your kids come back from their other parent’s […]

3 Ways to Wait Well During Your Adoption Journey

Anyone at the start or in the midst of their adoption journey knows that waiting is often one of the toughest parts. Whether you are waiting to be chosen by birth parents, waiting for the child to be born or waiting for the finalization of the adoption, it can be downright difficult at times. While […]

Can Your Spouse Really Hide Assets in a Divorce?

The hiding of assets in a divorce seems like something that only happens if the couple is really rich, as you may have seen in movies and on TV. However, a spouse may try to hide assets in any divorce situation simply because they want more to start their post-divorce life with and/or are angry […]

Facing Divorce: 4 Helpful Habits to Adopt Right Now

Whether you’re in the start, middle or end of a divorce proceeding, your life has likely been shaken, with your world left upside down. While divorce is often filled with uncertainty and emotions, there are also opportunities for you to grow and change. However you may feel about your divorce right now, take the time […]