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Maximizing Your Retirement Savings During And After Your Divorce

A divorce brings a lot of emotions with it, including anxiety, and this is often heightened by having to deal with money matters, too. Divorce will likely impact your finances now and in the future, including your future retirement funds. As you approach your divorce, you should have the mindset that you are going to […]

Fathers Concerned About Their Parental Rights Should Keep the Following in Mind

Know that you have the right to see your children and maintain a relationship with them. Your parental rights are not related to child support. If you’re behind on child support, or haven’t paid, your children cannot legally be kept from you. Establish legal custody parentage. Your children’s mother cannot permanently take children out of […]

Top Things Fathers Should Know When Going Through Child Custody Cases

Fathers’ Rights is a phrase often used in New Mexico. New Mexico courts and judges do not favor mothers over fathers despite common belief. This may have been the case decades ago, but is not true today. Mothers cannot block you from seeing your children. Neither parent can take the children permanently out of the […]

Checklist for Meeting With A Family Law Attorney

Write down your questions and concerns before the meeting. Write out a calendar of what important things happened and when they happened for the attorney to review. The attorney will want to know the “high points” first and will then ask for more detail. The attorney will need to get the big picture first. Know […]

6 Signs That Might Mean You Need a Divorce

You may have been thinking about getting a divorce in New Mexico for a while now, but you’re still not sure whether it’s time to end the relationship. Although there’s no single universal set of “time to divorce” indicators, if you’re seeing one or more of the signs below, it’s probably time to speak to […]

Things To Consider Before Filing For Divorce

As you realize your marriage is ending, you may find yourself in a storm of frustration, emotions and stress. Everyone is going to have to adjust to new living arrangements and make decisions about property and money. The emotions that stem from these changes make it more difficult for spouses to understand or even just […]

Going Through a Divorce as Parents of an Only Child

As a parent of an only child, you have a special responsibility. While some people believe it is easier to focus all of their parenting energy on just one child, that is not necessarily true, and this can become quite apparent when you decide to separate or divorce. While all children tend to experience some […]

The Role of Cyberstalking in a Divorce

With location tracking, social media and other online resources readily available these days, protecting your privacy has become increasingly difficult. The Digital Age has made keeping in touch with friends and family easier than before, but it has also created new problems, including cyberstalking. This is the act of harassing a person with electronics, such […]

Minimizing the Cost of Divorce

Thanks to the media and stories passed around family, friends and acquaintances, many people believe that getting divorce will be very expensive. Although there are costs involved, a New Mexico divorce doesn’t automatically leave you flat broke.  A lot of what goes into a divorce’s final cost stems from how the couple is choosing to […]

Tips For Successful Co-Parenting

There are a lot of challenges in raising children between two different homes after you’ve separated or started the divorce process in New Mexico. While you and your co-parent likely agree that you want your children to be raised so that they are happy and healthy, it’s the fine details that could become a contention […]