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Factors To Consider With A Military Divorce

Divorce in New Mexico can get complicated under the best of circumstances, and if one or both spouses are members of the Armed Forces, it can be even more complex. If you or your spouse are divorcing and one or both of you is in the military, it’s important to seek legal advice from an […]

Managing A Child's Healthcare After Divorce

A child’s health is always a significant concern for his or her parents. In a New Mexico divorce, the question of how to handle a child’s medical care should not be a mystery, but some issues surrounding it can cause confusion. It’s extremely important for you and your co-parent to manage healthcare decisions for your […]

New Mexico Divorce Preparation Checklist

When you’re preparing to get divorced in New Mexico, there are some important steps to follow that can make the process as smooth as possible and ease some of the stress associated with it. Take a look at this checklist to help position yourself in the right place from the start. Find the right attorney […]

How To Prepare For Family Law Court

Going to court is hard on the nerves on its own, and it can seem worse when you’re going for a hearing for your divorce or child custody case because the stakes are so high. As with anything else in life that makes you anxious, learning more about family court in New Mexico and feeling […]

Six Tips For Living Together During A Divorce

One popular myth about divorce perpetuated by movies, TV shows and books is that once the divorce papers have been filed, one of the spouses immediately must move out of the home the couple shared. While one spouse certainly can move out if he or she decides to do so, it’s not a requirement. The […]

Child Custody Agreements In New Mexico

Divorce is difficult enough on its own, and it’s even more stressful when children are involved. Parents need to decide who is the primary caregiver, how the custody will be shared, and what the visitation schedules and times will be. Ideally, parents will be able to make their own parenting plan by themselves or during […]

What You Need To Know About the "Schedule of Asset and Debts"

In any divorce in New Mexico, there comes a time when you have to deal with finances. In this state’s family law, there is a rule known as 1-123 that requires divorcing couples to disclose their finances in detail on a forms known as the “Schedule of Asset and Debts.” Keep reading to learn more about […]

Dividing Assets During A Divorce

When you are looking to get a divorce or are in the middle of one, it’s important to identify all of the assets you and your spouse have. This is so the court, or you and your spouse, can divide the assets in an equal way. Unfortunately, one or both spouses hiding assets in a divorce […]

Military Family Law and Child Custody Information

While it is common knowledge that around half of all marriages end in divorce, what many people do not know is that the rate is slightly higher for members of the Armed Forces. As the rate of military divorces increases, so does the number of child custody cases, and this has brought issues specific to […]

The Difference Between Negotiated, Litigated And Collaborative Divorce

Unfortunately, many marriages in the US end in divorce. In fact, the American Psychological Association estimates that anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of couples divorce ( Naturally, with all of the divorces that happen every year, including in New Mexico, the approaches have evolved. These days, there are three general categories a divorce may […]