Considerations for Divorces Involving Military Personnel

As someone going through or preparing for a divorce in New Mexico, you’ve got a ton of concerns. If you or your spouse are an active-duty military member or a veteran, there are even more things to consider. Although you will go through the same court process as civilians, there are additional things to handle […]

Protecting Your Credit During Your Divorce

A divorce can impact many areas of your life, from where you live to how your family is organized. However, one particularly hard area for many people in a divorce is finances. There are various ways a divorce will affect your financial situation, and you may already be aware of some of them, including that […]

Fathers Concerned About Their Parental Rights Should Keep the Following in Mind

Know that you have the right to see your children and maintain a relationship with them. Your parental rights are not related to child support. If you’re behind on child support, or haven’t paid, your children cannot legally be kept from you. Establish legal custody parentage. Your children’s mother cannot permanently take children out of […]

Top Things Fathers Should Know When Going Through Child Custody Cases

Fathers’ Rights is a phrase often used in New Mexico. New Mexico courts and judges do not favor mothers over fathers despite common belief. This may have been the case decades ago, but is not true today. Mothers cannot block you from seeing your children. Neither parent can take the children permanently out of the […]

Checklist for Meeting With A Family Law Attorney

Write down your questions and concerns before the meeting. Write out a calendar of what important things happened and when they happened for the attorney to review. The attorney will want to know the “high points” first and will then ask for more detail. The attorney will need to get the big picture first. Know […]

6 Post-Divorce Tasks You Should Complete

So, your divorce is finally done. Now, you want to relax and take a breather as you move into your post-divorce life. However, there are some things you should do after your divorce to finalize all the details. Even the most clearly defined topics in your divorce may not just happen automatically. You and your […]

3 Questions Your Kids Will Ask During Your Divorce

Although you likely tried to keep your marital or relationship problems private, when your relationship or marriage ends, your entire family is going to be impacted. This is especially true if there are children involved. For a lot of children, the end of the relationship between their parents is scary, confusing, and painful. Naturally, they […]

How to Navigate Your “Digital Divorce”

As you prepare for your divorce or legal separation in New Mexico, you’ve got a lot to do. You need to prepare documents, think about your future, organize your finances, and speak to a family law attorney. But there is another side to divorce these days, too, and it’s one that too many people neglect […]

3 Steps to Improve Your Financial Situation During a Divorce

A divorce will hit many areas of your life, and one particularly hard-hit section is often your finances. You are probably already aware of the long-term financial changes you’ll need to make, such as updating policy beneficiaries and getting new estate documents drawn up, but there are some quick things you can do right now […]

What to Do if You Lose Custody of Your Child in New Mexico

Losing custody of your child in New Mexico is a devastating experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. When a court takes custody rights away from a parent, it’s because the judge believes the child would have a healthier, happier life under the care of someone else. The court may have […]