Who else can sit in when you talk to your lawyer?

Family law issues are very emotional. More and more often clients are asking to bring friends or family members into a legal meeting with them. Is this a good idea?
The reason this is important is because of the attorney client relationship. Anything you say to your attorney is “privileged” or protected from anyone else finding out. The attorney cannot tell anyone what you say to them in a private setting. However, if you have a friend or relative in the room, you waive the attorney-client privilege and the third person can be called to testify against you or be interviewed by the opposing party. Also, the lawyer may no longer be able to use the privilege to avoid telling the court information about you if asked.
If you still wish to have that person in the room, your lawyer will ask you to sign a piece of paper saying you know you are giving up the attorney-client privilege. The better way to handle this is to have the third person sit outside the room. At the Law Office of Dorene A Kuffer, you will be allowed to consult with the third person, if needed, to make sure all your questions are answered and the advice you are given is understood by you.