What Does A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Do?

what-is-galSo, what’s a GAL? You’re in the middle of a very contentious divorce, the custody of your children is an issue, and someone in the courtroom says, “We ought to appoint a GAL.” Well, GAL is a Guardian Ad Litem, and the Guardian Ad Litem is the attorney for your child, or children, specifically for the kids. They’re also an arm of the court. The court actually appoints the Guardian Ad Litem, and their role is to look out for the best interest of the child.
They’re going to do that by interviewing you, interviewing your spouse or your ex, interviewing the children if they’re old enough, and also talking to other people in your lives. You want to make sure that if a GAL is going to be appointed in your case, that the person has the qualifications to be a Guardian Ad Litem. Do they know about child development? Do they know how to talk to kids? Have they been doing this before? Sometimes people just say, “I want to be a Guardian Ad Litem,” but they don’t have any of those qualities.
Remember, when you’re talking to the Guardian Ad Litem, it’s not confidential. Anything you say can, and probably will be put in that Guardian Ad Litem’s report. They’re the only person in the courtroom looking after the best interest of your child, and you will have to pay for them. You’ll probably split it with your ex or your current spouse, but the money’s well worth it if you need someone in court to stand up for your children.