Tips For Making Your Budget Work After A Divorce

A New Mexico divorce is going to involve and impact your finances, and it can bring some challenges and obstacles along with it. With the loss of one person’s income, you may really feel as if you’re living with much less, but you can use the tips below to save some money and make your budget work better for you during and after your divorce.

Plan a weekly food menu

Eating out really adds up quickly, and it’s not the healthiest option, either. Plan out your meals on a weekly basis so you can shop for deals and avoid splurging on takeout. Going seasonal can help; when produce is in season, grocery stores tend to sell it for less to get rid of the overstock. Factor in which produce is in season where you live when you’re making your shopping list.
Consider versatile foods, like ground turkey, beans and pasta. These are ingredients you can use to make many different meals, which will help make meal planning easier and cut down on cost at the same time.

Hike your insurance deductibles

You can save on your auto and homeowner’s insurance by raising your deductibles. Bear in mind that this means you will pay more in an emergency, so you’ll want to stock some of the premium savings away in case you end up needing to meet that deductible. If you think saving up to meet a higher deductible may be a problem right now, you may want to wait until you’re in a better spot financially before you raise it.

Spend time and not money

Outings with your kids can be great fun without costing much money. Watching a movie together at home or a night spent in the backyard stargazing, for example, do not cost a dime. Check out local weekend events in your area that are free and family friendly, and plan some park and picnic and free museum visits.
You can plan some cost-conscious outings with friends and family, too. Things like an informal “dinner party” at a friend’s house instead of dining out or watching a movie on Netflix together as opposed to going to the cinema, for example, will add up in savings.

Consider cutting the cable cord

With all the streaming services available today, you can probably watch all your favorite shows for much less than you’re paying for cable or satellite service. Take a close look at your viewing habits, including what you usually watch and what shows are your must-sees. If you can watch them on a streaming service, it’s time to think about getting rid of your cable. You can still pick up local channels even if you end your cable service by using a high-definition antenna.

Go over your wireless plan

There are four major cell phone carriers nationwide competing for your business, so it’s high time you take a closer look at your cell phone bill to find the plan that will meet your needs and save you money at the same time. These days, it’s all about your data usage, so take a close look at your usage over the last three months. Once you know approximately how much data you need, you can either downgrade to a less costly plan with your current carrier or switch to a new one.
While divorce is a stressful time emotionally and financially, you can ease the transition by working on your budget so you’re not feeling anxious about your bank account. With your finances in order, you’ll be better positioned to take charge of your life post-divorce and live it to the fullest.