Tips for Reducing Divorce-Related Legal Fees

As you consider divorcing in New Mexico, there are likely a lot of concerns running through your mind, including cost. For many people, cost becomes a chief concern during divorce because they are going from two incomes to one, and that is entirely understandable. While the final price tag of your divorce will largely depend on your case and how you and spouse behave during the process, you can use the tips below to help keep your divorce fees as low as possible without harming the quality of the legal representation you receive.

Be Efficient in Your Communication with Your Attorney

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with your lawyer, especially when you have important information or a pressing concern. Open and strong communication between an attorney and their client is how winning case strategies are built.

Efficient communication means not emailing or calling your attorney each time you have a concern or question. Instead, organize all of your thoughts by putting these concerns and questions down on a list. Once you have compiled a list of clear and concise questions or statements, you can email them all at once to your attorney or schedule a call with them to cover your list.

Some attorneys will charge you each time you communicate with them, and this can add up quickly if you keep emailing or calling the attorney each time you have a single concern or question. Even if your attorney doesn’t charge this way, keeping your communication efficient helps your attorney focus more on your case, and this can lower your costs in other areas.

Keep Your Documents Organized

When you need to send information and documents to your attorney that are important to your case, you want to make it as easy as possible for the attorney and their staff to go through it. If, for example, you are sending along a folder that is full of documents, you should type a note that states what is included so they can quickly review everything and identify what must be prioritized.

When your attorney has to spend extra time going through your documents because pages are missing or there are lots of non-labeled emails they have to review, that will only add to the cost of your case. Ask your attorney how they want to receive your documents and what organizational method they prefer.

Consider All Your Divorce Options

A dramatic trial may be how divorces seem to go when you watch TV or a movie, but in real life, there is more than one way to proceed with your divorce. A divorce trial, in reality, is usually the most expensive route. Instead, you may be able to go through mediation with your spouse to keep your costs down. During mediation, you, your spouse, and a third-party mediator who is neutral work together toward a settlement. Mediation also happens out of court, so it is more private.

You can – and should – retain your own attorney during mediation. Your mediator cannot favor one spouse over another, so they cannot give either of you any legal advice during or outside of your sessions. Your attorney will help you when you have questions or concerns about mediation or the outcome of any of the sessions. If you are not sure whether mediation is an option in your case, discuss it with your attorney to get their experienced perspective.

Divorce doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider employing the tips above as you go through your divorce to help keep your costs down throughout your case.