Should I Be Worried if I Do Not Hear From My Attorney in a While?

waiting for you to callHi. My name is Susan, and I’m the paralegal. I am here today to answer the question “What is your attorney doing when they’re not talking to you?” Well, there is a whole list of things they could be doing, and here are just some of them. They could be researching the legal issue behind your case. They could be drafting documents. They could be talking to witnesses or other professionals, and certainly they could be responding to telephone calls or emails. Something that is important to note is I hear a lot of clients, when they call me, questioning why the attorney is having to respond to all the incoming emails and telephone calls from either the attorney for the other side. The issue with that is that your attorney has to return those calls, and I know it involves time and sometimes that time costs money but it’s a requirement. Remember, just because you’re not talking to your attorney every second of the day, they are working very hard for you.