Prenuptial Agreement for Gay and Lesbian Clients

Now that gay and lesbian individuals have the right to marry, a lot of older gay and lesbian clients have come to us asking, “How do we get our prior relationship included in our marriage?”
Because marriage starts from the day that you get married, the law doesn’t include the previous five, ten, twenty years or more that you’ve been together. However, what I’ve been doing is putting what I call “wrap-nups” together for my clients. It’s somewhat like a prenuptial agreement, but it brings the assets acquired prior to the marriage into the agreement. So, if you had bought property, or campers and boats, or you have investments, or even, unfortunately, if you have a lot of debt, and you want to make sure that you’re both still responsible for that all under New Mexico law, we can write up a “wrap-nup” or a pre-nup to include all of that into your marital estate.
I highly recommend considering a wrap-nup for my gay and lesbian clients, now.
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