How to Change up Your Home After Your Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a long and emotional process. As you go through the case with your divorce attorney, you may feel the need to change some things up in your life, especially when it comes to your home. After all, getting a divorce really is like a transition to a new life, and while that can be scary, it can also be liberating.

You don’t have to wait for the ink to be dry on your divorce to start making some changes to your home so it feels more like your space and not the space you shared with your ex or an anonymous new apartment. Once you’ve decided where you will be living, try these five easy things to help spruce up your new or post-divorce home.

Get to Cleaning

Giving a home a deep clean can be really freeing and even stress-relieving. Whether you’re in the marital home or a new apartment, now is the time to remove anything that belonged to your spouse–just don’t throw those items away until you have permission to do so.

It’s also time to consider whether you’re holding onto items that belong to you but also remind you of the marriage and what was lost. If, for example, you have an outfit from a special date with your ex or some souvenir that mainly reminds you of them, it may be time to let those things go. You’re starting over, so holding onto the past isn’t the best way to kick things off.

Make the Home Truly Yours

You now have the opportunity to do whatever you wanted to do to your home before that your spouse didn’t agree with. That pool you always wanted but your spouse didn’t? Now is the time to get it if you still want it and can afford it. If some of the pricier things you wanted to do are now out of the question due to budget limits, you can still consider lower-cost projects to give your home more of your personality. Painting, simple, decorative pieces, and a few furniture changes can really transform a space without draining your bank account.

Invite Laughter Inside

When you are truly ready, you can begin to invite people to your home who make you feel happy. This means the friends and family members who were and are supporting you without any bias or feelings of awkwardness. It is, unfortunately, possible that you will lose some mutual friends you and your spouse had. Some may feel as if they don’t want to choose “sides” and others may have a hard time with the grief that comes with the ending of a marriage. Stick to those who are able to be there for you and bring joy into your life.

Aim for a Soothing Atmosphere

Your home should be somewhere you can be yourself and really relax. Create a soothing feeling in your home by listening to some of your favorite songs or just taking the time to enjoy silence occasionally. If you’ve got hobbies that help you wind down, make a dedicated space in your home for them.

Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Palace

The bedroom can be one of the tougher rooms to deal with after a divorce. After all, where there were once two, there is now one. Make some real changes to this room to encourage relaxation and sleep and discourage feelings of loneliness or restlessness. Maybe it’s time for a new, smaller, or more comfortable mattress. Get some new bedding. Whatever you decide to do, remember the end goal is to create a space that’s perfect for sleep.

Making some changes to your home is a necessary part of a fresh start. As you go through your divorce, work on making your home a space that belongs solely to you.