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3 Reasons to Avoid Going to Court

Going to court on your own for your legal separation, divorce, or any other family law matter may seem like your only option, but in reality, you have other choices. It’s very likely you will want to avoid going to court alone because of the three major reasons below. Navigating the Court System Is Tough […]

5 Questions to Consider Before Going Through With Mediation

Resolving your divorce outside of a courtroom is definitely an avenue worth exploring. If you have to go through a long court battle, it’s draining financially and emotionally, and your divorce could drag out for months or even years. In addition to that, the judge will end up making important life decisions for you, without […]

Creating a Parent Profile Before Adopting a Child

On your path to becoming an adoptive parent, there are a lot of important steps to take. Your attorney will help you with the legal documents and procedures of adoption, but there are some things you will largely handle on your own. One very important task that falls under the “do-it-yourself” banner is the creation […]

How Parental Rights Terminations Work

Termination of parental rights in New Mexico is very serious, whether the court is taking the rights away or a person is giving them up on their own. In a parent-child relationship, biological parents have an inherent set of responsibilities and rights regarding those kids. If these responsibilities aren’t being upheld, the court could terminate […]

4 Steps to Helping Children Adapt to a Divorce

Going from one house to two can be tough for any child after a divorce or separation in New Mexico. A family transition such as this means the child has to deal with not seeing both parents each day and also adapt to new surroundings in the home of the parent who moved. That’s why […]

How to Find an Adoption Attorney

Adopting in New Mexico might be a new experience for you. As a legal process, you will need to have an experienced family law attorney to guide you and ensure that your adoption meets all state regulations and laws. Naturally, the process of bringing a child into your family is both exciting and intimidating at […]

Child Support Imputation and It's Implications

In New Mexico, both parents are obligated to support their children until they become self-supporting or turn 21 years old in most cases. When parents are not living together, the parent whom the child primarily lives with can receive child support from the other parent. This money is meant to help cover the cost of […]

Co-Parenting for Never Married Parents

Not all co-parents in New Mexico have been through a divorce because some couples chose not to get married. Never-married parents, however, still face challenges similar to those of parents who are going through a divorce, with some additional issues. Determining what the parenting responsibilities are in a legal sense can be more complicated for […]

Stepparents and Legal Guardianship

Families are not static. They change and grow, and people welcome new members all the time through friendship, birth and marriage. Stepparents are an increasingly common and important part of the structure of many families. They can play a significant role in the upbringing of a child, acting as another adult for the child to […]

Considerations for Children During a Divorce

Between all the court dates and property division and child custody discussions, the process of divorce can be expensive, time-consuming and sometimes stressful in New Mexico. As tough as these aspects of your divorce may be, if you have kids, you’re probably more worried about how they are doing. All children handle divorce differently. Some […]