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Prenuptial Agreements & LGBTQ+ Marriages: What You Need to Know

A prenuptial agreement (colloquially referred to as a “prenup”) is written prior to signing a marriage certificate, whether in a heterosexual or LGBTQ+ relationship. Prenups are a wise decision in a variety of situations to ensure wealth, property, businesses, and debt acquired prior to marriage by either spouse are legally assigned and protected.  A prenup […]

4 Different Types of Legal Documentation Your LGBTQ+ Partnership Needs

The Respect for Marriage Act provides statutory authority for marriages between same-sex individuals and is a positive, monumental step in placing LGBTQ+ relationships on the same legal footing as heterosexual marriages. However, when entering into an LGBTQ+ partnership of any kind, there are some additional legal documents you’ll want to prepare in order to safeguard […]

5 Important Things to Consider Before You Start Your LGBTQIA+ Family

The decision to become a parent is one of the most involved and difficult decisions a couple can make in their life. In an LGBTQ+ relationship or marriage, you have your own unique list of considerations and responsibilities to add to your family plan. Regardless, this shouldn’t get in the way of introducing children into […]

Are Gay & Lesbian Marriages, Bedrooms, and Families Safe?

The United States Supreme Court Ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (overturning Roe v. Wade) has created great concern in the LGBT community. And well it should. Relationships, legal marriage, partnership agreements, and the status of families are all now in question. Not only did has the recent ruling change a person’s right […]

All About the 3 Basic Family Agreements

Making an agreement with your current or soon-to-be spouse about what happens during a divorce or legal separation can help make the process run more smoothly for everyone involved. While you may make many different types of family agreements, there are three that commonly relate to divorce: prenuptial, postnuptial and legal separation. Entering into any […]

Social Media During Your Family Law Case: The Surprising Damage It Can Do

You’ve probably already heard about how social media can damage a court case. A person with a back injury who is suing, for example, might lose their case because there is a video on social media showing them lifting weights. Although this does happen, it’s important to understand that social media posts can damage a […]

3 Reasons to Avoid Going to Court

Going to court on your own for your legal separation, divorce, or any other family law matter may seem like your only option, but in reality, you have other choices. It’s very likely you will want to avoid going to court alone because of the three major reasons below. Navigating the Court System Is Tough […]

5 Questions to Consider Before Going Through With Mediation

Resolving your divorce outside of a courtroom is definitely an avenue worth exploring. If you have to go through a long court battle, it’s draining financially and emotionally, and your divorce could drag out for months or even years. In addition to that, the judge will end up making important life decisions for you, without […]

Creating a Parent Profile Before Adopting a Child

On your path to becoming an adoptive parent, there are a lot of important steps to take. Your attorney will help you with the legal documents and procedures of adoption, but there are some things you will largely handle on your own. One very important task that falls under the “do-it-yourself” banner is the creation […]

How Parental Rights Terminations Work

Termination of parental rights in New Mexico is very serious, whether the court is taking the rights away or a person is giving them up on their own. In a parent-child relationship, biological parents have an inherent set of responsibilities and rights regarding those kids. If these responsibilities aren’t being upheld, the court could terminate […]