Category: Child Support

Child Support Negotiation: What to Know

Some degree of “negotiation” over child support is possible in New Mexico, and it can be better than relying on the determination by the court if you get a good agreement. Your attorney can help ensure you are getting the amount of child support you are entitled to. In the meantime, consider what you need […]

4 Tips for Transitioning to a One-Income Household

One of the tougher things that can come with a divorce is trying to determine just how you will provide for your children on your income alone. While you may be getting child support, you cannot fully count on those payments to shore up your budget. It’s unlikely the support will equal what was available […]

Understanding Child Support Regulations

Going through a divorce is tough enough on its own, but it can be even more stressful when there are kids involved. As custody issues surface, a parent can be faced with only seeing their children half of the time or even less. Usually, the parent with primary custody receives child support from the other […]

Managing Parenting Swaps

After a New Mexico divorce or separation involving kids, having consistent parenting schedules is incredibly important. A regular routine is what helps your kids adjust to living in two different houses. When they have a clear idea of when they will see both parents, they can relax into the new routine and feel more confident […]

Child Support Imputation and It's Implications

In New Mexico, both parents are obligated to support their children until they become self-supporting or turn 21 years old in most cases. When parents are not living together, the parent whom the child primarily lives with can receive child support from the other parent. This money is meant to help cover the cost of […]

How To Handle Hidden Assets In A Divorce

Any New Mexico legal separation or divorce can involve hidden assets, and that can affect child support and property division. You deserve the share you’re truly entitled to, so if you believe your spouse isn’t being completely honest about the assets in your marriage, here are some typical scenarios to be on the lookout for. […]

Co-Parenting Tips For Dealing With Financial Matters

As divorcing co-parents in New Mexico, you may have already dealt with stress and confusion when it comes to working with your co-parent to decide how to handle reimbursements and shared expenses for costs related to your children. Money tends to be a sensitive subject, and even the most ideal co-parenting situation can suffer when […]