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What Are the Requirements to Adopt in New Mexico?

When you’re set on starting your family through adoption, often the first concern in any prospective parent’s mind is “what are the requirements to bring a child home?” As adoption grows in popularity across the country as well as New Mexico, more people are learning about the rigorous process involved with adopting as well as […]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Prenup Stands up in Court

A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is more commonly used today than ever before, and it’s not just wealthy couples using these agreements. A prenup can be a legal way to address concerns you have before entering into a marriage–such as what will happen to your personal business if you and your spouse divorce down the […]

4 International Adoption Tips

When you first start the international adoption process, you may find the information to be seemingly limitless and therefore overwhelming. In fact, many families struggle to figure out which program and agency is the ideal fit for them because of the sheer volume of information out there. If this sounds familiar to you, keep in […]

What You Should Know About Open Adoptions

As you decide to adopt to grow your family, you likely have a lot of questions. While your adoption attorney is a wonderful resource, there are some things you are going to have to answer for yourself once you have enough information, including which type of adoption you are comfortable with. One common adoption type […]

Adoption & Your Relationship: Considerations To Make Before Adopting

The adoption of a baby is a life-changing event for everyone involved. However, some people believe the happy new arrival will erase all of their pre-existing problems, but this is rarely–if ever–true. Adopting a baby actually adds an entirely new form of stress and also brings a lack of sleep as the new parents care […]

5 Options to Explore If You Want to Adopt a Child

Many people who are hoping to adopt feel as if they may not be able to because of the cost associated with the process, even though they are more than able to offer a loving, stable home to a child who needs one. Unfortunately, adoption is very expensive. There are many administrative and legal fees […]

3 Things You Should Keep in Mind If You Are Considering Adopting Domestically

Children are often held as a great blessing to families, but not all couples are able to have children by natural means. It can be a long process before a couple begins to accept this and decides what their next steps will be, and one of the options that many couples in this situation turn […]

4 Things to Consider When Adopting as a Stepparent

When people hear the word “adoption,” they usually think of people going through an agency and sometimes even crossing state or country lines to adopt a child. However, adoption isn’t always like this. If you are a stepparent who seeks to adopt a child you’ve had a hand in raising, you can certainly do so […]