7 Moving Tips for Your Divorce

No one enjoys moving, and it can be even more difficult when you’re moving because of a divorce. It can be sad to leave your former home behind, and the process of moving can be stressful on its own. Luckily, you can prepare beforehand to make your move after a divorce less stressful and more comfortable.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Put aside some time to get rid of things you don’t need before the move. Do this as soon as you can once you decide to move so you have enough time. Go through your entire home, including storage areas and closets, and clean house. If you’re not sure what to toss, try this rule of thumb: anything without sentimental value that you haven’t used in more than a year can likely go.

Plan the Logistics

Once you know you are moving, start to plan the move itself. Will you need movers? Are there any items that need special transport? Taking care of these things in advance will make the move a lot easier.

If you’re not sure whether you need movers, consider what you are taking. If you have a lot of large objects, for example, a moving company will make your life a lot easier. Research movers in the area before deciding on a service.

Packing is another area to tackle ahead of time. You’ll need boxes, crates, and other shipping containers, and you should also plan how to pack things. Have all of your containers ready ahead of time, along with all the packing materials you need to keep everything safe and secure during transport. Be ready to label every box in a way you will understand at a glance.

Take Large Items Apart

If you need to move big furniture items such as entertainment centers and tables, consider disassembling them as much as possible ahead of time for easier moving. This is particularly important for things that are too big or awkward to fit easily in the car or truck you will be using. Take items apart carefully so they are easy to reassemble once you’re in your new home. You may want to put items that come apart in several pieces into their own box with clear labeling to avoid confusion later.

Pack Less-Used Items Early

Once you get rid of things you don’t need, the next step is to start packing things you don’t use often so they are ready ahead of time. Decorations, books, movies, and anything else you don’t use currently can be packed in advance of the move. This way, there’s less clutter and confusion on the actual day of the move.

Pack Frequently-Used Items Last

The day before your move, begin packing the small items you use almost every day. The idea here is to do as little last-minute packing as possible.

Wrap Your Furniture

Make sure all furniture and any delicate items you can’t pack into a container are protected and ready for the move. Bubble wrap can go a long way here!

Clean the House

Once the move is done, it’s time to clean the house or apartment. If you can afford it, consider using a cleaning service. This is faster than doing it yourself and can help make the process less stressful.

Never put off moving until the very last second, as tempting as that may seem. You want to be completely prepared and have it all planned out, especially if you are moving further away. Moving can be stressful and things may happen, so give yourself the time you may need to handle any surprises.