3 Tips for Handling Your Social Life Throughout the Divorce Process

When you are going through a divorce or separation, a lot of things will change about your life. This can even make it feel as if the more enjoyable parts of your life have been suspended, both in your social circle and at home.
Handling so many challenges at one time isn’t easy, but it’s important to start working through your complex feelings before you can begin to move forward. While working with a therapist or counselor can help here, friends can be another source of comfort.
With the help of your friends, you can build your social life back up after your divorce and get started on your new life. As you work to reclaim your social life after your divorce, consider the tips below.

Ask for the Support You Need

For a lot of people, getting their social life back after divorce doesn’t happen instantly. Being able to grieve over the end of the relationship and working through all of your emotions are necessary aspects to moving on in a healthy way. If you don’t take time to heal after your divorce, you could end up bringing those negative emotions to your new social life, and this can mean you won’t be able to enjoy it as much as you would have with a clean slate.
Don’t think you have to shoulder this all on your own. Work through your emotions by seeking help. Talk to close friends about what you are feeling. Even if you’re not always talking about what you feel, just being with close friends can feel good and is a step toward reclaiming your social life.
Even if you have a strong network of close friends, you still may want to consider speaking to a mental health professional. No matter how wonderful your friends are, working with someone neutral can give you a fresh perspective.

Spend Your Time With the “Right” Friends

After your relationship ended, you might have realized that things about you have also changed. You may now be a different person than before, and your needs and desires for your social life could be different, too.
Embracing that new sense of self is okay, as long as your new desires aren’t harmful. Sometimes, change helps a person find new strengths and a will to move forward, and this can also mean finding new friends or re-establishing friendships that previously fell by the wayside.
You may not keep all the friends you had prior to the relationship ending, but that’s not necessarily bad. In some cases, it could be best to put some distance between yourself and people who are really connected to your ex. Being around these types of people while you’re still working through your divorce could stall your progress.
Focus on the people you trust and who will always have your back. Spend time on healthy friendships that will build you up and not drag you down.

Try Some New Things

While reclaiming your social life, you’ll want to be open to exploring new things and trying things you wanted to do but never did. This could include taking a trip somewhere new or taking a class about something that interests you. It could also mean going for a new fashion style or dramatic haircut.
Follow those ideas that truly make you happy, but do remember to keep yourself grounded for your sake and for the sake of your children if you have any.
Getting your social life back after your divorce will take some time. Remember to just accept the process and whatever comes with it, and find enjoyment wherever you can. Reach out to the friends who will bring support as you grieve over what has ended, and be open to some change. As you consider new ideas, don’t forget to keep one foot on the ground.