What if Your Child is Accused of Bullying or is the Victim?

It’s scary when a parent receives a phone call that their child is either accused of bullying or is the actual victim of bullying. School bullying is a much more serious issue today than compared to years past.  And if not properly handled, the consequences can significantly impact your child’s future. Depending on the severity of the situation, it is no longer the best approach for parents to try to navigate alone without legal guidance.

What is the Definition of Bullying?

Bullying occurring in school is defined as intentional and repeated abuse aimed at one student. Typically, for bullying to be noticed by officials, it includes physical abuse like hitting, kicking, tripping and hair pulling. Of course, school bullying may also be psychological and include taunting, name-calling and humiliation. Facebook, emails and texts have entered the stage now as new potential forms bullying.

What are the Penalties for Bullying?

Any type of bullying can lead to an investigation by school officials or police. Some aspects of bullying could be charged as a criminal offense and you as the parent could be held financially liable in civil court.  In Albuquerque, New Mexico, juvenile law attorney Dorene A. Kuffer can help you and your child through this complex process while your child’s rights are protected.  She has successfully represented both victims and children accused of bullying in New Mexico schools.

Protect Your Child: Be Present for the Investigation!

We can offer one important tip to parents about school bullying. Whether your child is the victim or accused of bullying, as a parent you should always be present whenever your child is interrogated or questioned by school officials or police. This is your right and you should make this known immediately. It is also wise to have an attorney present as well.  You should ask for this before any questioning is conducted. Communicate this to officials in a polite, non-combative way. Your child should never be alone without your consent.
Not getting legal advice early on is one of the biggest mistakes that parents make. Willing parents who want to show full cooperation and that they have nothing to hide often unwittingly compromise their children’s positions. This can potentially hurt your child’s case especially if school or police decide to take action against your child. The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer believes that you should immediately seek legal advice about your child’s situation before allowing officials to speak with you or your child. Getting a legal consultation could wind up being the best decision you’ve ever made.

If Your Child is Accused of Bullying…

It’s important to speak with a juvenile law attorney right away. Since bullying is a more serious accusation than in years past, it can result in severe consequences for your child. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can even negatively impact your child’s future opportunities. Don’t be fooled into believing that the details of your child’s juvenile records can never be discovered. This record potentially can and does reappear in your child’s future.  This can negatively impact your child’s college admission, job opportunities, and the ability to obtain security clearances. These situations are serious and demand experienced professional legal support and guidance.

If Your Child is a Victim of Bullying…

Sometimes school officials fail to take bullying seriously, even when you’ve contacted them to discuss your child’s experiences. Bullying has proven to have many negative effects on children: low self-esteem, falling grades, depression, acting out, reciprocal behavior and violence, and in severe cases—suicide. If your child is suffering and the school hasn’t taken action, contact the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer today. As a juvenile law attorney, Dorene will work to get the right action from school officials or the police, who tend to listen more when an experienced attorney is on your family’s side.

Contact Our Juvenile Law Attorney

For the best possible outcome to your case, contact Dorene as soon as you learn of the problem,   whether your child is the victim or the accused. Dorene is available to meet with you and recommend a course of action that minimizes the impact on your child’s future.
It’s important not to wait until school and law enforcement officials interview your child. Get the proper advice that you need now from Dorene, who has more than 30 years of experience protecting children’s futures. Contact us at 505-257-0072 to meet with Dorene during a consultation at her Albuquerque, NM family law practice.