Preparing for the New Year: Getting Family Legal Advice Before the Holidays

Don’t neglect your own happiness.
Across the nation, statistics show that February has the highest divorce rate. The fact that so many families are dissolving just months after the winter holiday season is over is no coincidence.

What’s going on?

The decision to divorce is a major one, and for many people, there may be weeks or months of preparation leading up to filing. That means that many unhappy spouses are considering the possibility of divorce during the holidays. The reasons people do not take any action during the holidays often comes down to two major factors:

Hope for Holiday Healing

Holidays are portrayed as something of a magical time when conflicts are set aside, people are filled with (or rediscover) love they have for members of the family. Some spouses may sit tight through the holidays hoping for a miraculous change in the relationship. When warm feelings are not rekindled and no magic happens, they finally take action in the New Year.

Maintaining the Status Quo
Some unhappy spouses may recognize that there is no hope for their relationship, but they stick it out through the holidays for others, especially young children. After the family traditions are over people feel more comfortable pursuing divorce.
Sadly, the pressure to maintain the status quo is strong enough even to keep abused partners in relationships for the duration of the holiday season, and added holiday stress may result in an increase in domestic violence incidents.

Holiday Help

Putting on a happy face to give everyone the happy holidays they expect can be a miserable experience. And while you may have good reason to “stick it out” until the New Year, you do not have to wait until the new year to begin exploring your divorce options. Just doing the research and preparing for a future independent of your spouse can be empowering, giving you a sense of hopefulness about your future that helps you keep a positive attitude as you go through the holiday season.
Attorney Dorene Kuffer has over 30 years of family law practice experience. She is a trained collaborative divorce lawyer and mediator—she knows all the options available to you and can help you decide on a course of action that best meets your needs and the best interests of your children. If you are considering redefining your family after the holiday season, start preparing now. Contact the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer to schedule your consultation.