Key Considerations as Divorce Proceedings Near Their Conclusion

Divorce in New Mexico can be an expensive, stressful and time-consuming process. No matter how your marriage ended, there are things you need to take care of. You were likely sharing everything with someone else and must now transition to total independence, and this is a very overwhelming shift. As you near or reach the end of your divorce proceedings, here is what to do immediately.

Establish Electronic Security

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to protect your data and passwords. During your marriage, you may have shared things like passwords and account information with your spouse. Now, you will need to shield that data and your passwords from your ex-spouse, especially if your divorce was contentious. Make sure you are the only person who is authorized to access your accounts, change your passwords to entirely new ones–do not use passwords your spouse may be able to guess–and take other online security measures as needed.

Decide About Your Last Name

Your attorney may have already asked you about whether you want to change your last name if you changed it when you got married. This can be a difficult decision for some people, especially if children are involved or their current last name has professional ties.

Consider all the benefits and the potential downsides of changing your current last name before you decide what to do here. Think about how your name is tied to your identity right now, and don’t forget to take your own personal feelings on the matter into account.

Tell Everyone You Know

During your divorce, you may have opted to keep things private. That is entirely understandable, but once the divorce is done, it’s time to update everyone in your life. Getting cards during the holidays that list both you and your spouse will just serve as a painful reminder.

A divorce isn’t easy emotionally, so you should reach out to people you trust in your life for help and support, too. Don’t hesitate to talk openly to the people you really trust in your life about the emotional matters, and always ask your attorney for assistance when it comes to legal concerns you may have.

Lean Into Your Independence

Take the time to establish your sense of self now, especially if you were with your spouse for a long time. Learn new skills, work on yourself and engage in your passions. This is the time to get to know yourself better and decide what you really want in life. If your marriage was very toxic, spend time working on your mental and physical health, too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a mental health professionals if you need more help than friends and family can provide or just want to talk to someone who is neutral.

Take Time to Reflect

After a major life event like a divorce, you don’t want to bottle up all your emotions. Take some time to consider how you feel so you don’t keep it inside of you. Learn about yourself and what you want out of your life. Take a look at which friendships and relationships in your life may no longer be good for you as you move forward. In short, it’s time to spend time with just your own mind and thoughts.

A divorce can drain you mentally and emotionally. There will be many papers for you to sign, but once the divorce is done, you can finally do whatever it is you truly want to do. By taking the steps above after your divorce, you can get yourself firmly on the road into your new life.