How Does Child Support Work in New Mexico?

A parent holds her daughter's hand
Today we are going to talk about child support. What exactly does child support depend on? Well, first of all, child support is computed on a formula in part based upon your gross income. What’s your gross income? It is the income before taxes that are taken out before any deductions from your employer are taken out. The formula for calculating child care also depends on the number of children that you have as well as taking into account the time that you spend with your child. If you spend less than 35% of time with your child, the child support is going to be higher than if you spent 35% or more time with your child.
Now here’s an interesting thing. Even though the law says that it’s computed on gross income, if a mom has the child or a dad has the child and the child’s less than six years old, the mom doesn’t have to work and the law won’t make her work. Her income can actually be zero.
Other contributing factors that affect the formula can include if you are providing medical insurance or daycare expenses for the child. If you’re paying related to the child’s education, it can affect the formula for total child support contributions. And since it is based solely on a formula, you can calculate how much your expected support will be or how much you need to pay. The law requires that the child support be garnished from your wages and you just can’t get out of it. So work with your lawyer to come up with a good amount for you regarding child support contributions or talk to a lawyer if you feel you are not receiving the correct amount of child support from another parent.
Talk to a lawyer to learn more about child support and the formula for contributions. For compassionate, knowledgeable legal representation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or for questions regarding family law, call our office today.