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3 Tips for Handling Your Social Life Throughout the Divorce Process

When you are going through a divorce or separation, a lot of things will change about your life. This can even make it feel as if the more enjoyable parts of your life have been suspended, both in your social circle and at home. Handling so many challenges at one time isn’t easy, but it’s […]

4 Actions You Can Take as a Divorced Parent During the Holiday Season

When you are starting, in the middle of, or just ending the divorce or legal separation process, there are some new minefields in your life, and one of them is often the holiday season. The holidays can bring added stress and anxiety on their own, and the effect is magnified when you’ve had a major […]

How to Manage Your Finances After a Divorce

As you go through a divorce or separation, it’s entirely normal to be very concerned about your finances. You will need to make financial decisions that may impact your life for years going forward. When it comes to managing debt, you can deal with it or ignore it, the latter of which will make the […]

Rebuilding Your Credit If You've Filed for Bankruptcy Post-Divorce

Divorce and the events leading up to it can cause real damage to a person’s credit and financial state. As a result, many people end up having to file for bankruptcy either during or after divorce. Although this can seem terrible at the time since it will impact your credit history and score for up […]

How to Remain Friendly as Co-Parents After a Divorce

A couple decides to separate or divorce for many reasons, but no matter what that reason is, it’s still often a hard choice to make. Ending a close relationship is a tough process, and many people wonder if they can get through a divorce together as friends. Some circumstances will make that close to impossible. […]

What Should You Do with Your Pets After Your Divorce?

Many families have pets that are just as much a part of the family as everyone else. The ASPCA estimates that in the US, over 35 percent of homes have cats, while more than 44 percent have a dog. Pets can make for wonderful companions, and it can be incredibly hard to picture life without […]

Dealing with School as Co-Parents

A new school year brings changes for parents and children alike. When you are approaching the start of a school year on the heels of a legal separation or divorce, there are going to be some additional challenges you will have to face. To reduce everyone’s stress and make the transition to a two-parent household […]

Managing Child Screen Time After a Divorce

When you are approaching or going through a divorce or legal separation in New Mexico as a parent, there are always new challenges to address. One area that can be difficult to navigate at first is parenting across two households. To make this as effective and stable for your child as possible, you and your […]