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Just How Long Will I Pay Spousal Support?

Spousal support, or alimony, may be a part of your divorce case. An attorney familiar with divorce law in Santa Fe will be able to discuss the possibility of spousal support in your divorce, but you can learn more about this generally below. Spousal support usually falls into one of three categories: long-term, rehabilitative and […]

6 Changes You Can Try Post-Divorce

Going through a divorce is, naturally, a pretty emotional time. There are many big life changes that come with a divorce, and it can be tough to handle all of them. Whether your divorce is difficult or amicable, emotions are still likely running high, and you may be concerned about transitioning to your new solo […]

How to Communicate With Your Soon-to-Be Ex in a Divorce

The divorce process can be very difficult at times. On top of that, there are additional things that can make everything more stressful. One common example of this is fighting between the divorcing spouses every time they have to meet. Constant disputes between divorcing spouses can actually make a divorce drag on for a longer […]

5 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Divorce “Grief”

Whether you decided to get a divorce or your spouse made the first move, it’s only natural to experience many emotions about the end of your marriage. This is true even if things between you and your spouse were pretty rough for an extended period of time. When you lose that type of intimate relationship–even […]

Developing New Routines for Your Kids Post-Divorce

Children with divorced parents usually split their time between both households, with the exact time split dependent on the parenting plan. This often means that the children spend some weekdays and some weekend days with one parent and the rest of the time with the other. When your kids come back from their other parent’s […]

Facing Divorce: 4 Helpful Habits to Adopt Right Now

Whether you’re in the start, middle or end of a divorce proceeding, your life has likely been shaken, with your world left upside down. While divorce is often filled with uncertainty and emotions, there are also opportunities for you to grow and change. However you may feel about your divorce right now, take the time […]

Key Considerations as Divorce Proceedings Near Their Conclusion

Divorce in New Mexico can be an expensive, stressful and time-consuming process. No matter how your marriage ended, there are things you need to take care of. You were likely sharing everything with someone else and must now transition to total independence, and this is a very overwhelming shift. As you near or reach the […]

How to Deal With an Ex-Spouse in a New Relationship

A divorce can bring a lot of emotions with it. After all, it’s not only the end of the marriage; it’s the end of the life you had planned on having. One common stress point in divorces is when one spouse has moved on quickly, finding a new partner during or immediately after the divorce. […]

Dealing With Your Feelings After a Divorce

Divorce is an experience that brings many emotions with it, from positive emotions like relief to feelings such as anger and sadness. However, there are other feelings that can pop up in a divorce no matter how the relationship ended, such as guilt and shame. While feeling shame and guilt about your divorce is very […]

6 Post-Divorce Tasks You Should Complete

So, your divorce is finally done. Now, you want to relax and take a breather as you move into your post-divorce life. However, there are some things you should do after your divorce to finalize all the details. Even the most clearly defined topics in your divorce may not just happen automatically. You and your […]