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Finding Yourself Again After A Divorce

When you look at your post-divorce life in New Mexico, there are a lot of things to consider, and one area that people often have trouble with is dating. After all, it has probably been years since you’ve had to contend with the dating scene, and it can seem like a daunting proposition. You’ve probably […]

Three Ways Help Alleviate The Stress of Co-Parenting and Divorce

Co-parenting after a New Mexico divorce isn’t always blissful. Sometimes, it’s not even civil.  Many parents are still recovering from the emotional fallout and stress of separation and divorce and have to now adjust to the challenges of raising children across two different homes. However, there are ways you can help alleviate some of the […]

Tips For Keeping A Routine When Co-Parenting

When you’re raising children in different households after a New Mexico divorce or separation, the scope of work for each parent usually expands immediately. As your children move between you and your co-parent’s homes, the physical responsibilities of raising them go from one parent to the other. This ends up contracting and expanding the responsibilities […]

How To Stay Organized During A Divorce

Being organized can be hard enough on a daily level, and it’s even more difficult for those going through a life challenge like a New Mexico divorce. If you are a parent, the effect divorce has on your ability to organize is amplified as now you have to handle legal, emotional and logistical shifts that […]

How To Communicate With A High-Conflict Co-Parent

Divorcing a spouse who is drawn to conflict can present challenges on multiple levels. If you have children together, one of the biggest obstacles in this type of situation is determining just how to form a working co-parent relationship. Your co-parent may already have an agenda in mind, and his or her ideas may not […]

Protect Your Property and Money During A Divorce In New Mexico

One major concern for many divorcing New Mexico couples is how the money and property will be divided. This is only natural, as each spouse wants to protect their own financial health as they prepare to move on and they also want to keep the property they value the most. When you don’t have a […]

Tips For Communicating With Your Ex Via Text Message

When you are raising your children across two different households post-divorce or legal separation in New Mexico, communication between you and your co-parent becomes incredibly important. When that communication breaks down, it will be your children who suffer the consequences. Conflicts abound, children become messengers, and simple events turn chaotic when co-parents no longer see […]

False Assumptions About Child Custody Cases

Child custody is one of the most emotional and challenging parts of a family law case. When you’re facing a child custody dispute in New Mexico, you’re naturally going to be worried, concerned, and afraid, and you’ll likely experience a whole range of emotions along with stress. To prepare yourself and take some of the […]

Tips For Talking To Your Spouse Before Filing For Divorce

Talking to your spouse about your divorce before you file may seem like a tall order, but it’s the best way to go in cases where a person isn’t being subjected to emotional or physical abuse. Some people may tell you that if you file first, you’ll gain an advantage, but in reality, you may […]

Common Fears Children Experience When They Learn Their Parents Are Divorcing

When children are part of a New Mexico divorce, things immediately become more complicated. As a parent, you naturally want to calm your child’s worries, but it can be difficult to tell what your child actually knows about divorce. Their exposure so far in life may be limited to what they have heard from friends […]