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Do You Need to Switch Family Law Attorneys? 4 Questions Ask Yourself

Finding the right attorney for your family law concerns is crucial to the outcome of your case. With the right attorney onboard, you have the highest chance of the best possible outcome. Sometimes, people go with the wrong attorney at the start of their case and don’t realize it until some time has passed. Whether […]

Can Your Spouse Really Hide Assets in a Divorce?

The hiding of assets in a divorce seems like something that only happens if the couple is really rich, as you may have seen in movies and on TV. However, a spouse may try to hide assets in any divorce situation simply because they want more to start their post-divorce life with and/or are angry […]

Facing Divorce: 4 Helpful Habits to Adopt Right Now

Whether you’re in the start, middle or end of a divorce proceeding, your life has likely been shaken, with your world left upside down. While divorce is often filled with uncertainty and emotions, there are also opportunities for you to grow and change. However you may feel about your divorce right now, take the time […]

6 Estate Planning Areas to Address During Divorce

Estate planning isn’t something people like to think about, especially when going through a major life event like a divorce. However, your life can change in an instant. There is no way to know when you will pass away or if you will be incapacitated at any point. If that does happen, your loved ones […]

Tips for Reducing Divorce-Related Legal Fees

As you consider divorcing in New Mexico, there are likely a lot of concerns running through your mind, including cost. For many people, cost becomes a chief concern during divorce because they are going from two incomes to one, and that is entirely understandable. While the final price tag of your divorce will largely depend […]

How to Ask Your Spouse for a Divorce

Preparing to ask for a divorce can be stressful and confusing. After all, you never thought you’d be in this position, and now you’re not sure how to approach it. To help start your divorce off on the least contentious foot possible, here are some tips on asking your spouse for a divorce. Try Marriage […]

Handling Your Work Life During the Divorce Process

Deciding to move forward with a divorce is never easy, and this process will likely challenge you on an emotional level. However, as difficult as it is, you cannot let your divorce interfere with your performance at work. You will need your own work income as you transition from a two-income household to one and […]

4 Truths About Divorce

Despite how difficult a divorce may be, it can be the best decision for you, your spouse, and any children you have together. Of course, this process is unique for everyone, and you’re not going to know just how you feel and what your reaction may be until you go through it. While there’s no […]

3 Social Media Rules You Should Follow During a Divorce

Once you’ve started the divorce process, there are many tasks to be done. One thing you may not have thought of is your online safety. Whether you’re exploring online dating or posting to social media, there are online dangers that could jeopardize your safety. Take steps now to prevent these dangers so you can feel […]

Tips for Talking to Your Ex During Your Divorce

Talking to your ex or soon-to-be-ex can be a minefield during or after divorce. However, you can transform potentially terrible conversations into more civilized (albeit still difficult) ones by following the tips below. Know Your Overall Objective Know exactly what your goal is with the conversation before you have it, and write the goal down […]