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Facing Divorce: 4 Helpful Habits to Adopt Right Now

Whether you’re in the start, middle or end of a divorce proceeding, your life has likely been shaken, with your world left upside down. While divorce is often filled with uncertainty and emotions, there are also opportunities for you to grow and change. However you may feel about your divorce right now, take the time […]

Pre-Divorce Prep: Getting Yourself Ready for Negotiations

No one gets married planning to divorce in the future, but once it becomes obvious that your marriage is over, it is time to prepare for divorce. A strong preparation is the only real way to position yourself for the best possible outcome in your case. You must know what assets are going to be […]

5 Reasons Divorcing Later in Life is Becoming More Common

The decision to divorce can be tough for a person to make, particularly if they are older. If you are considering a “gray divorce”–a divorce of a couple over the age of 50–you are certainly not alone. More people in this age group are divorcing now than ever before. Knowing why this is happening may […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid After Being Served with Unexpected Divorce Papers

When you are getting divorced, many emotions naturally run high. This is especially true if you knew your marriage was in trouble but were blindsided by your spouse filing for divorce. While it is natural to want “revenge” in this situation, it’s never a good idea. If you were suddenly served with divorce papers, it […]

How To Handle Hidden Assets In A Divorce

Any New Mexico legal separation or divorce can involve hidden assets, and that can affect child support and property division. You deserve the share you’re truly entitled to, so if you believe your spouse isn’t being completely honest about the assets in your marriage, here are some typical scenarios to be on the lookout for. […]

Co-Parenting Communication During A Divorce

How you approach communicating with your co-parent has a direct impact on the outcome in a New Mexico divorce. Cooperation, empathy and open-mindedness are essential for positive communication between co-parents, but some parents find themselves stuck in negativity ruts and unable to identify which behaviors are preventing them from going forward. One common behavior that […]

Finding Yourself Again After A Divorce

When you look at your post-divorce life in New Mexico, there are a lot of things to consider, and one area that people often have trouble with is dating. After all, it has probably been years since you’ve had to contend with the dating scene, and it can seem like a daunting proposition. You’ve probably […]

Protect Your Property and Money During A Divorce In New Mexico

One major concern for many divorcing New Mexico couples is how the money and property will be divided. This is only natural, as each spouse wants to protect their own financial health as they prepare to move on and they also want to keep the property they value the most. When you don’t have a […]

Tips For Communicating With Your Ex Via Text Message

When you are raising your children across two different households post-divorce or legal separation in New Mexico, communication between you and your co-parent becomes incredibly important. When that communication breaks down, it will be your children who suffer the consequences. Conflicts abound, children become messengers, and simple events turn chaotic when co-parents no longer see […]

Tips For Talking To Your Spouse Before Filing For Divorce

Talking to your spouse about your divorce before you file may seem like a tall order, but it’s the best way to go in cases where a person isn’t being subjected to emotional or physical abuse. Some people may tell you that if you file first, you’ll gain an advantage, but in reality, you may […]