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The Key Difference Between Protection & Restraining Orders in New Mexico

When you’re a victim of domestic violence, you’re likely familiar with phrases like “restraining order” and “protection order,” but what does that mean for you? If you’re ready to seek protection from someone who is abusing, stalking, harassing you, making you feel unsafe, or otherwise affecting your quality of life, then you may need to […]

How to Plan for Divorce as a Business Owner

Divorce is a complicated process to maneuver, even if the two partners don’t have many shared assets. However, business owners will have an extra layer of complexity in their divorce, even if your partner isn’t involved in the business. In this article, we’ll discuss how to approach divorce as a business owner, how to protect […]

Community Property in New Mexico: What’s Included & What’s an Exception

One of the first concerns most people have when they start the divorce process is how they’re going to protect their assets from being divided with their soon-to-be ex and how to avoid taking over their partner’s debt. In New Mexico, community property law dictates how this is done and can either help or hinder […]

How Do You Know What Is “Fair” in a Divorce? 

As you prepare or begin your divorce, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about what is “fair” in a divorce. Everyone wants to be treated fairly in divorce proceedings, but it can be difficult to pinpoint what is fair when you are working on your settlement. Fairness is a relative concept and what is “fair” […]

Estate Planning After Your Divorce: What You Need to Know

A lot goes into a divorce in New Mexico, including time, money, focus and emotions. Naturally, as this process goes on, you may find yourself just wanting to decompress for a bit. However, before you complete your journey through family law in Albuquerque, there are some life areas you may need to handle immediately after […]

3 Lists You Need to Make for Mediation

Whether you are going to attend mediation for your divorce or child custody case, you need to prepare in advance to have the best chance at a successful outcome. The Best-Case Scenario Your first list is your best-case scenario. This will be every single thing you want, even if you know this may be unrealistic […]

Does Your Divorce Agreement Tick All the Boxes?

Your divorce agreement is the legal document that will detail what happens in your divorce. This legally-binding settlement is what will set the tone for your post-divorce life, so before you sign, make sure that you have an experienced attorney review it. In the meantime, you can learn more about what this important document should […]

The Divorce “Trap” and Your Exit Strategy

There are many things that people think of when going through a divorce, but a very common element is the feeling of being trapped. You may feel trapped in a tough situation now and think that the same will apply after the divorce. While some people do find divorce gives them freedom and an exit […]

Yes, You Can Minimize Conflict During Your New Mexico Divorce

Divorce is a time of conflict. Whether your marriage is ending over a breach of trust, a major dispute or just irreconcilable differences, there is something keeping you and your spouse from resolving your marital issues. However, not every divorce has the same level of conflict, and you can minimize conflict during your divorce by […]

5 Mediation Misconceptions

Mediation is a process you may be able to use to resolve the issues of your divorce. Instead of going to court and having a judge decide everything for you, you’ll work with your spouse and an independent third party to reach a divorce agreement you can live with. This alternate way to settle a […]