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3 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Divorce

When you decide on or begin your divorce or legal separation in New Mexico, one of your more immediate concerns is likely where you are going to live. More and more people these days choose to live together in the family home during the divorce process because it saves money; a second home with its […]

4 Steps You Can Take for Online Security During the Divorce Process

During and after divorce or legal separation, you must take steps to make sure you and your family are safe online. Whether you’re posting on Twitter, exploring the online dating scene or just using public Wi-Fi, there are hidden online dangers that could put your safety at risk. Once you learn about these dangers and […]

How to Manage the Cost of an Attorney During the Divorce Process

When you are approaching or going through a divorce or separation, it’s only natural to become concerned about the costs of the process. At this point, it’s likely that two households are now being supported by the same level of income that previously was only covering one, and finances can be very tight very quickly. […]

What You Should Discuss During a Divorce With Your Attorney

When you are considering getting a divorce, many things are usually taking up real estate in your mind. You’re worried–and possibly excited–about the future, feeling a lot of emotions and aren’t really sure where to begin. It’s here that a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney really comes in handy as you’ll have the chance […]

What You Need to Know About Dishonesty During the Divorce Process

In an ideal world, everyone would be truthful all the time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world we live in, and lying is all too common–especially during a divorce. Even the more civil divorces can involve dishonesty, as emotions run high when it comes to personal finances and family matters. If you are divorcing and your […]

3 Things You Should Expect Your Family Law Attorney to Offer

For many people facing a divorce, it’s their very first time going through the process. If this is true for you–or even if you’ve been divorced before–don’t hesitate to look to your attorney for their knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process. As a client, you should expect the following three things to […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Wait to Date Until Your Divorce Is Finalized

If you were faithful during your marriage, waiting a few weeks or months more to date after your divorce won’t make much of a difference. That small amount of self-discipline right now can save you a lot of hassle and trouble down the road. However, if you are feeling tempted to date before your divorce […]

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

Over the years, you’ve probably heard of prenuptial agreements–also known as prenups–from various high-profile divorces and in movies and TV shows. However, you may be wondering if they are legally binding, and if so, whether they are something you should get. Here’s what to know about prenups as you consider your options before marriage. They’ve […]

Deciding What to Do with the Family Home During a Divorce

You will have to make several financial decisions as part of your divorce, and when you own a home, deciding how to handle it will be one of the most challenging tasks you and your spouse will undertake. A house is expensive to keep and fully maintain, and the changes in finances that divorce brings […]

How to Approach the Wedding Ring During Your Divorce

Once you have decided to get divorced, you’ll suddenly be faced with several logistical, financial and legal issues to resolve. One of these is what to do with your wedding ring, something that can be so awkward that some couples avoid the subject entirely. However, this can make any lingering resentment between you and your […]