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How to Plan for Divorce When You & Your Partner Own a Business Together

In a previous article, we discussed the factors involved and actions you can take in pursuing a divorce as a business owner. However, what should you do to prepare when your partner in marriage is also your partner in business? Divorce–an already complex process–becomes an even more complicated subject for you, your partner, your legal […]

What You Should Know About the Most Common Types of Divorce

If you’ve started to research the divorce process, you’ll probably come across the various avenues you can take to finish the process. Everything from “collaborative divorce” to “litigated divorce” can occur, but how do you know which one you want to pursue or which one your situation will likely turn into? In this article, we’re […]

4 Important Things to Discuss Before Choosing Divorce

All relationships go through their ups and downs, but some marriages have more downs than ups. Regardless of why you’re considering divorce, there are things to consider before beginning the process that can help you along the way. Before you start the divorce process with an Albuquerque divorce attorney, let’s talk about four of the […]

How to Change Your Will & Living Trust After Divorce in Albuquerque

A divorce is often a long process filled with paperwork, time-consuming meetings, and lots of talk about assets. Once you’re finally finished with the process, it feels like a weight has been lifted and you look forward to never worrying about legal paperwork connected to your ex again. However, before you get too excited to […]

The 7 Easiest Divorce Mistakes You Can Avoid in New Mexico

As much as relationships are discussed in media, movies, and family conversations, no one discusses divorces in quite the same way. With the divorce rate currently sitting at 42.6% in America, we should have more of a general understanding on how the process works and why some couples choose it. However, since the topic is […]

Your Children and Divorce: Providing Stability is Key

A divorce is often an emotional experience for everyone involved, and this is especially true if there are children involved. Children are still trying to figure out their place in the world and where they fit in, so a major event such as a divorce can make them question where they belong or feel as […]

5 Divorce Prep Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip

Although not all of the struggles in a divorce are avoidable, you can prepare ahead of time to avoid many of the more common ones. A divorce is a legal process that will impact your obligations, your finances, and your life. Make sure you complete the divorce prep steps below so you can begin the […]

4 Questions About Military Divorce Answered

Every divorce is unique, and this is also true of divorces when one or both spouses are in the military. If you or your spouse are serving and you are planning on getting a divorce, here are some answers to some common questions you may have. For answers to questions specifically related to your personal […]

5 Questions Your Divorce Attorney May Ask During Your First Consultation

Divorce can be a daunting prospect, and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of it right now. Fortunately, you do not have to try to handle it all yourself. An attorney who is well-versed in divorce law in Santa Fe, New Mexico can provide you with answers, advice and guidance throughout […]

3 Tips For Managing Emotions During Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is certainly not an easy one. It can be a very emotionally taxing experience as you are dealing with the end of your relationship and all the emotions that can come with it. Fortunately, you can work through the divorce in an emotionally healthy manner by trying the tips below. […]