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Should You Hire a Divorce Attorney

When it comes to taking that first step toward a divorce, the first thought of many people is “How can I possibly afford to pay for a divorce?” In reality, many people can’t simply “afford” to get divorced. This usually isn’t something people budget for. Regardless, many people still manage to get divorced every year […]

4 Common Prenup Mistakes

A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is no longer a tool for just the very rich. If you are considering marriage in New Mexico, signing a prenup beforehand can help spare you a painful divorce process if things just don’t work out. It can also help out couples who have specific concerns going into the marriage, […]

5 Divorce Prep Tips

Divorce in New Mexico isn’t an easy process, even for the most civil couple. Before you dive headlong into your own divorce, keep the following uncommon but important divorce prep tips in mind. Handle Your Emotions First Emotions often drive a divorce. They spark arguments, fuel court battles, and cause distress. Naturally, the more emotions […]

5 Common “Gray Divorce” Concerns

Divorce over the age of 55, known as a “gray divorce,” is becoming more common. According to Today, divorce rates are actually the highest among men and women ages 55 and up ( If you are older and considering divorce, you likely have more concerns than someone younger who hasn’t been married for nearly as […]

5 Reasons a Divorce Can Become Complicated

All divorces have their own set of features, but you can generally group them into two overall categories: complex and simple. Some divorces are clearly in one camp or the other from the start; however, other divorce cases begin as simple but become complex as they play out. This can be caused by many things, […]

Considerations for Divorces Involving Military Personnel

As someone going through or preparing for a divorce in New Mexico, you’ve got a ton of concerns. If you or your spouse are an active-duty military member or a veteran, there are even more things to consider. Although you will go through the same court process as civilians, there are additional things to handle […]

Protecting Your Credit During Your Divorce

A divorce can impact many areas of your life, from where you live to how your family is organized. However, one particularly hard area for many people in a divorce is finances. There are various ways a divorce will affect your financial situation, and you may already be aware of some of them, including that […]

3 Steps to Improve Your Financial Situation During a Divorce

A divorce will hit many areas of your life, and one particularly hard-hit section is often your finances. You are probably already aware of the long-term financial changes you’ll need to make, such as updating policy beneficiaries and getting new estate documents drawn up, but there are some quick things you can do right now […]

How to Change up Your Home After Your Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a long and emotional process. As you go through the case with your divorce attorney, you may feel the need to change some things up in your life, especially when it comes to your home. After all, getting a divorce really is like a transition to a new life, and […]

5 Rules You Should Set if You Want to Have a Successful Trial Separation

If you’re considering divorce or legal separation but aren’t quite sure you want to make anything legal yet, you can go through a trial separation. This is a personal arrangement that allows you and your spouse to try out separation without formalizing anything. You can – and should – still consult with a divorce attorney […]