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5 Rules You Should Set if You Want to Have a Successful Trial Separation

If you’re considering divorce or legal separation but aren’t quite sure you want to make anything legal yet, you can go through a trial separation. This is a personal arrangement that allows you and your spouse to try out separation without formalizing anything. You can – and should – still consult with a divorce attorney […]

The 5 Stages of a Divorce

While every case is different, many people go through a series of stages as they recover and move on from their divorce. Knowing that other people have gone through these phases and knowing what phase you are in can help you make better choices. As you work with your family law attorney, keep the following […]

Financial Information That Your Lawyer Needs During Your Divorce

Getting a divorce is a big life decision, and it will impact many areas of your life and your family. Once you make this decision, you’ll have other things to handle, too, including the compilation of all your financial information for your divorce attorney. Many people who are getting divorced simply don’t know where to […]

4 Questions to Answer About Your Family Home During a Divorce

Many major decisions need to be made in a divorce, and one of them is what to do with the family home. It’s very easy to make a mistake in this area because you likely have a sentimental attachment to the home. Before you make a final decision on how to handle the family home […]

4 Ways Your Divorce Could Become Contentious

Many divorces start off amicable, but then they seem to turn ugly out of nowhere. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride that goes from zero to 100 when you are least expecting it. If you believe your divorce is going to be amicable but still have concerns, learn some of the common reasons […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for a Divorce Attorney

Finding a divorce attorney isn’t an easy task. This professional will guide you through a very difficult legal matter and time in your life. Before you start your New Mexico divorce attorney search, here are some common search mistakes you should avoid. Waiting Until It’s Very Serious You probably didn’t just suddenly decide to get […]

3 Tips for Finding a Good Divorce Attorney

Once you have decided you need a divorce, it’s time to consider what do do next. With a quick search on the web, you’ll find a ton of information and a bunch of ads for attorneys near you–it’s so much info that it can easily feel overwhelming. With so much conflicting information online, how can […]

Navigating a Divorce During the Pandemic

Even as some of the stay-at-home restrictions ease, many parts of daily life are impacted by Covid-19. One significant disruption has been the operations of the courts and how disputes and issues are resolved. Even as things start to open back up, the courts will likely remain backlogged and slower than usual. However, this does […]

What You Should Understand About "Gray" Divorce

Divorce is tough for many people. It’s especially hard on older women, many of whom have to deal with losing a life partner and moving into a lower economic bracket at the same time. “Gray” divorce is far more common now than ever, with Kiplinger reporting that the divorce rate for couples over 50 has […]

5 Things You Should Know About Selling the Family Home During a Divorce

Selling the family home during a divorce can be tough, and it often presents obstacles and roadblocks you wouldn’t encounter in a traditional sale to work around and deal with. Chief among your concerns may be who will maintain and keep up the home. In the market today, curb appeal is a vital part of […]