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What to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Divorce

Divorce isn’t often a snap decision. It is an extremely difficult problem that people often try their absolute best to avoid. It is a significant decision, and many people take their time before deciding whether divorce is the best option. If you are thinking about divorce but are not sure if this is the right […]

3 Tips When You Must Divorce a Partner with Substance Abuse Issues

When you have a spouse who has a substance addiction, it can pose a threat to you, your children and others in various ways. Substance abuse can also impact your divorce process in several ways. If you are divorcing someone with a substance abuse issue, use the tips below to help you protect yourself, your […]

5 Things That Turn “Simple” Divorce Cases Into Complicated Cases

As you consider whether you need an attorney for your “simple” divorce, there is something you must keep in mind: a simple case can turn into a complex one at any time during the process. While there is no way to tell how your divorce will go without a crystal ball, here are five things […]

Things To Consider Before Filing For Divorce

As you realize your marriage is ending, you may find yourself in a storm of frustration, emotions and stress. Everyone is going to have to adjust to new living arrangements and make decisions about property and money. The emotions that stem from these changes make it more difficult for spouses to understand or even just […]

Understanding the Role of a Receiver During the Divorce Process

In a divorce, it’s not unusual for one spouse to hide assets, ignore court orders or to allow joint property to be lost or squandered. In certain cases, the court may decide that appointing a receiver is needed to resolve or improve a bad situation. A receivership is not part of every divorce, but they […]

What You Should Know About Gambling Debts During a Divorce

Losses from gambling can have a lasting and devastating effect on your life and those of your family members. Sometimes, one person’s gambling habits may lead to debts and will be the cause of the divorce. In any event, if you are divorcing in New Mexico and your spouse has debts due to gambling, you […]

4 Steps to Helping Children Adapt to a Divorce

Going from one house to two can be tough for any child after a divorce or separation in New Mexico. A family transition such as this means the child has to deal with not seeing both parents each day and also adapt to new surroundings in the home of the parent who moved. That’s why […]

Co-Parenting Communication During A Divorce

How you approach communicating with your co-parent has a direct impact on the outcome in a New Mexico divorce. Cooperation, empathy and open-mindedness are essential for positive communication between co-parents, but some parents find themselves stuck in negativity ruts and unable to identify which behaviors are preventing them from going forward. One common behavior that […]

How To Communicate With A High-Conflict Co-Parent

Divorcing a spouse who is drawn to conflict can present challenges on multiple levels. If you have children together, one of the biggest obstacles in this type of situation is determining just how to form a working co-parent relationship. Your co-parent may already have an agenda in mind, and his or her ideas may not […]

Three Things You Will Learn In Co-Parenting Class

When you’re going to separate or divorce in New Mexico, you’ve got a lot of things to worry about. As as parent, it’s only natural that chief among your concerns is your children and how they will handle the process and all the big changes in their lives. Luckily, there a lot of steps you […]