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Co-Parenting During COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to daily life, and it remains a danger around the world. For co-parents who are struggling to get along, a time of crisis like this can enhance the contentious dynamics in their relationship. Not only does this add unnecessary stress in uncertain times, but it can also have […]

3 Steps You Should Take to Make Co-Parenting Easier

After a divorce, it can be tough to even want to see your ex again, let alone raise children with them. However, when you have kids, you need to find a way to successfully co-parent together. Co-parenting isn’t always easy, but it is the best thing for the kids. If your first time co-parenting is […]

How to Manage Conflicts as Co-Parent

In an ideal world, divorced or separated parents would be able to let the past go and work together to raise healthy, happy kids in an environment free of conflict. Unfortunately, in the real world, strong emotions and hurt from the past can get in the way of parenting in a cooperative manner. If you […]

Parenting Mistakes to Avoid After a Divorce

After you have divorced, it can be tough to tell how to move forward as a parent. The big picture is clear enough: you’re still going to raise your kids with your ex. However, being the sole adult on duty all of a sudden can throw you for a loop! Raising your kids the same […]

3 Situations You Should Avoid as a Co-Parent

One of the most fundamental co-parenting rules is to never place your child in the middle of adult responsibilities and concerns. Unfortunately, it’s very common in post-divorce and post-separation scenarios, and many parents don’t even realize it’s happening. Using a child as a messenger, for example, is an error many co-parents make, particularly in the […]

Creating a Parenting Plan

In New Mexico, your parenting plan is a very important agreement in writing that will have a big impact on your life as a co-parent. This plan details how your child, you and your co-parent will go about your lives on a daily basis. Therefore, it is very important that you and your co-parent clearly […]

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Co-Parent

Conflict coming from everyday conversations, children used as message-passers, events devolving into chaos… these are all things that can happen when co-parents begin to lose sight of what co-parenting is meant for: raising happy kids in an environment that is healthy. Forgetting your main goal is easy to do and often happens on a subconscious […]

How to Approach Making Changes to Your Parenting Plan

For kids, the months of summer offer a refreshing change of pace. Many kids spend as much of it outdoors as they can. Others are involved in various activities, including camps, sports, and summer school. Since a child’s schedule can vary greatly during the summer as opposed to the winter months, divorced or separated parents […]

Setting up a Sleep Routine for Your Children as a Co-Parent

There are a lot of changes involved in the separation and divorce process, and you may feel very tired as a result. This is also true for your children, who might have trouble coping with you and your spouse’s separation. The emotional distress children experience can also affect their lives in many areas, including how […]

How to Use a Co-Parenting App to Navigate Your Child Custody Situation

Whether you are going through a mediation successfully or are part of a contentious custody matter in New Mexico, moving into your post-divorce life can seem very chaotic. There are a lot of unknowns, and that makes it hard to keep the same sense of control you had before your proceeding started. However, when it […]