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4 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Summer Break

Even the most amicable co-parenting relationships can become strained when circumstances change, and one unavoidable annual change is summer break from school. When kids are out of school for the summer months, routines go out the window and it quickly becomes a challenge for both parents to maintain a fair balance in their shared time. […]

5 Different 50/50 Custody Schedules & How to Decide Which is Right for You

One of the first and most important steps of a divorce involving children is establishing a split parenting schedule. While a simple 50/50 custody schedule may be where you and your co-parent agree, the actual logistics of it are significantly more complex and involved than at first sight. If you are working on your parenting […]

Parental Alienation & Shared Custody: What You Need to Know

As a divorced parent, one of the worst feelings you can have is feeling that the other parent is actively working to turn your child against you or damage their relationship with you. If you’re concerned this is happening or you’ve noticed strange behavior in your child or ex-spouse, you may be witnessing parental alienation, […]

How to Plan & Navigate a Holiday Custody Schedule with Your Co-Parent

This time of year comes with decreased work schedules, visits with family, gifts and long weekends. When you share your children with a co-parent, the holiday season can also be a source of extreme frustration. Creating a holiday custody schedule can be overwhelming and lead to arguments or confusion if you don’t create a solid […]

How to Build a Child Visitation Plan for an LGBTQ+ Family

Once you and your partner have decided to pursue a divorce, your first thought is probably not about you, your finances, or what others will think: it’s about your child. In an amicable split, the first thing most couples will do is discuss how to continue to be good parents and provide your mutual child […]

How to Discuss Your Child Being Bullied with Your Ex & Co-Parent

Bullying is one of the most prevalent stressors of a child’s life, but when you and your former partner have divorced, it’s difficult to have a clear idea of how to address the situation. Regardless of how close you’ve stayed with your ex, you’ll need to collaborate with them to give your child the best […]

5 Tips to Reintroducing an Absent Parent Back Into Your & Your Child’s Life

When you’ve acted as the sole parent to your child for a while, it’s an uncomfortable circumstance when the other, previously absent, parent tries to return. There’s no perfect way to look at the situation where an absent father now wants contact, but we’ve gathered our five top tips on how to reintroduce the absent […]

2 Modern Parenting Plan Trends

During a separation or divorce, you will have to come to agreements with your co-parent over many issues, including how your assets will be divided. When you have children with your ex, you will also need to reach an agreement on custody, visitation and child support, and this will result in what is known in […]

What Not to Do in Your New Mexico Parenting Plan 

Your parenting plan in New Mexico is, in basic terms, a contract that will detail and outline the responsibilities and rights of each parent when it comes to child support, time sharing and custody. As your child custody attorney may have already explained to you, this plan is necessary to finalize a divorce involving children […]

How to Protect Your Parental Rights

Whether you are getting divorced, legally separating or ending your relationship with your partner, if there are children involved, you are probably worried about your rights as a parent. This is especially true if you feel there is a chance your co-parent will attempt to challenge your rights during this time. Take some steps right […]