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What Not to Do in Your New Mexico Parenting Plan 

Your parenting plan in New Mexico is, in basic terms, a contract that will detail and outline the responsibilities and rights of each parent when it comes to child support, time sharing and custody. As your child custody attorney may have already explained to you, this plan is necessary to finalize a divorce involving children […]

How to Protect Your Parental Rights

Whether you are getting divorced, legally separating or ending your relationship with your partner, if there are children involved, you are probably worried about your rights as a parent. This is especially true if you feel there is a chance your co-parent will attempt to challenge your rights during this time. Take some steps right […]

3 Time-Tested Tips for Those New to Co-Parenting

Co-parenting can seem like an impossible challenge to you after a divorce or the end of your relationship with the child’s other parent. While you are still both parenting the children, you are now doing so from separate homes and, in many ways, separate lives. This can lead to challenges and other issues you may […]

3 Better Co-Parenting Resolutions for Your New Year

Sharing custody with your co-parent isn’t always easy, even if you both have the best of intentions. You may have already hit some rough patches with your co-parent over this last year, particularly if your divorce was more recent. With a new year ahead of you, it’s a great time to set the goal of […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Parenting Plan

As your children grow, they will need time to bond with their friends, time to spend with family members and time for other things as their lifestyle evolves. As your children enter a new school year, you may have considered whether your current parenting time arrangement is suitable any more given the changes in your […]

Understanding Child Custody and Parenting Plans

When you have children in New Mexico and your relationship with the other parent ends, child custody arrangements are generally what dictate your schedule with the kids. Out of your custody case comes the parenting plan, which details how much time you and your ex have with the children. Since these are done through the […]

3 Common Co-Parenting Myths

Co-parenting after a divorce can seem like a daunting proposition. In fact, it’s possible that differences in parenting styles between you and your spouse were a factor in your divorce, making the idea of having to co-parent after the marital relationship has ended even more stressful. Keep in mind that you are certainly not alone; […]

3 Questions Your Kids Will Ask During Your Divorce

Although you likely tried to keep your marital or relationship problems private, when your relationship or marriage ends, your entire family is going to be impacted. This is especially true if there are children involved. For a lot of children, the end of the relationship between their parents is scary, confusing, and painful. Naturally, they […]

3 Co-Parenting Tips for the Holiday Season During the Pandemic

The holidays can bring challenges for co-parents even in the greatest of times, and adding in COVID-19 restrictions can make it even more complex. Celebrating the holidays this year will just not be easy during the pandemic. To get through these times and keep everyone, especially your kids, safe, keep the following tips in mind. […]

Co-Parenting Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Co-Parent

Co-parenting after getting a divorce is not easy under the best of circumstances. If your marriage ended badly and your ex-spouse is being difficult, it can make raising your children together more difficult. When you’re co-parenting with a tough ex, use these tips to make life easier and better for you and your children. Set […]