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How to Approach Parenting Before Custody Is Decided in Court

It’s very easy to try to make decisions as fast as possible after a divorce or legal separation, and one area where people tend to do this is child custody. Before you make any decisions in this area, speak to an experienced family law attorney and consider the following mistakes to avoid. Setting a Poor […]

Dealing with False Accusations from a Desperate Co-Parent

A separation or divorce in New Mexico is challenging enough on its own, but it can grow even more complicated when your co-parent is making unfounded or untrue accusations against you, which sometimes happens in contentious divorce or child custody cases. Regardless of how untrue your ex-partner’s words are, you have to keep in mind […]

Child Custody Considerations for Parents Moving out of State After a Divorce

Deciding to move somewhere out of state with your kids is a big decision, particularly if you are no longer with the other parent of the children. You may want to move because of a prospective job, a lower living cost, to be closer to other family members, or just because you want a change […]

Creating an Infant Parenting Plan

Over the past few decades, the way in which family law professionals and parents approach the creation of infant child custody schedules has evolved in New Mexico and elsewhere. More research on early childhood development and the impact of divorce on children has emerged, and this has resulted in more detailed and complex infant visitation […]

3 Factors to Consider When a Previously Absent Parent Returns

Losing contact with one parent due to divorce is often incredibly traumatic for a child to experience. Whether the relationship was secure prior to the separation or not, suddenly not seeing or hearing from a parent can have vast consequences that impact a child for years to come. For some families, however, this type of […]

The Child Custody Evaluation Process

A child custody evaluation is a common process in New Mexico family law cases. However, it can still be an anxiety-inducing time for a parent. To keep your fears in check and ensure you are properly prepared for this process, you should take a closer look at the custody evaluation process and how it can […]

The Right of First Refusal Explained

Parents tend to have the most influence on their children’s lives. The time that children spend with each parent helps shape their personalities over time and gives them their first look into what being part of a family is like. As long as there are no issues related to safety, it’s important that children spend […]

6 Parenting Plan Mistakes to Avoid

In New Mexico, a parenting plan is an agreement that covers all the details of a custody arrangement, including the parenting time schedule and holidays. This plan, once approved by the court, is binding on both parents and must be followed, although it can be changed if circumstances call for it. Because it is binding […]

The Differences Between Custody and Guardianship

Custody and guardianship are closely related but different concepts that are used to describe the legal relationship between a child and an adult. Although these two terms are often confused, the relationships are different in a number of significant ways, including: Who can appoint them The legal relationship’s duration Who is usually granted custody versus […]

Navigating Infant Care Plans After a Divorce

Crafting the most suitable parenting plan is the goal for many families after a New Mexico separation or divorce. When a parenting plan supports healthy, stable relationships, it’s the best thing for the children’s happiness over the long term. Creating the “best” parenting plan, however, can feel intimidating at the onset, especially if one of […]