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Co-Parenting for Never Married Parents

Not all co-parents in New Mexico have been through a divorce because some couples chose not to get married. Never-married parents, however, still face challenges similar to those of parents who are going through a divorce, with some additional issues. Determining what the parenting responsibilities are in a legal sense can be more complicated for […]

Parenting Plan Modifications

At the end of your separation, divorce or custody case in New Mexico, you will receive a final parenting plan. This plan can be crafted by the judge in your child’s best interests if you and your co-parent can’t agree, or it might be based on arrangements you and your co-parent agreed upon. While this […]

Stepparents and Legal Guardianship

Families are not static. They change and grow, and people welcome new members all the time through friendship, birth and marriage. Stepparents are an increasingly common and important part of the structure of many families. They can play a significant role in the upbringing of a child, acting as another adult for the child to […]

Child Custody Law

Child custody can be a confusing subject for a lot of people. If you have never dealt with a custody case in New Mexico before, you may feel a little lost when you start looking into custody because of all the professional and legal terms involved. However, once you see everything broken down, it is […]

Co-Parenting Financial Management

After a New Mexico divorce or legal separation, families often have to deal with upheavals to their daily routines. Of all the different adjustments, it is changes to the financial situations of both parents that tend to command most of the attention after the split. As with any big change, preparing yourself in advance is […]

Creating a Parenting Schedule for Co-Parents

Getting a parenting schedule down on paper is one of the most important parts of a legal separation or divorce. It’s about more than just some overnight visits. The parents have to consider all the aspects of their children’s schedules, including medical appointments, bedtimes, holidays, school events, extracurricular activities and more.  The schedule is also […]

Dealing with Uncooperative Co-Parents

In an ideal world, after a New Mexico separation or divorce involving kids, both parents would be able to move forward and unite as a team to raise healthy, happy children in an environment that is free of conflict. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes, raw emotions and hurt from the […]

Supervised Parental Visitation

Supervised visitation is a way to allow a parent to build a healthy foundation for their relationship with their kids in the future, and it also offers an opportunity to heal past issues in an environment that is safe. Because these visits are so important, parents can feel as if everything rides on how these […]

Three Child Custody Case Mistakes To Avoid

Child custody and visitation tend to be two of the most serious aspects of a New Mexico legal separation or divorce case. Emotions run high when it comes to the children, and both parents may have different ideas about what will be best for the kids, both in the short term and over the long […]

Five Common Traits Of Strong Co-Parenting Relationships

For divorced or separated parents in New Mexico, co-parenting can be a difficult transition. It’s naturally everyone’s goal to have a healthy co-parenting relationship, as that is what’s best for the children and the parents, too. In reality, the condition of this relationship is largely determined by the state of the communication between both parents. […]