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3 Things to Consider When Pursuing a Divorce When You’re Self-Employed

It goes without saying that emotions run high during the breakdown of a relationship, especially if it’s a marriage. Even when you intend to part on amicable terms, tensions can understandably run high once finances and spousal support discussions get underway. This can be particularly true for those who are self-employed and have worked hard […]

4 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Summer Break

Even the most amicable co-parenting relationships can become strained when circumstances change, and one unavoidable annual change is summer break from school. When kids are out of school for the summer months, routines go out the window and it quickly becomes a challenge for both parents to maintain a fair balance in their shared time. […]

Starting a Family Before Marriage: What You Need to Know Legally

Marriage isn’t for everyone. Some people are content just being in a committed long-term relationship that isn’t formalized by a wedding and the legalities that accompany it. However, there are some cases where those legalities are useful for protecting the rights of the individuals involved, and one of these instances is when children are involved. […]

What You Need to Know About Kinship Custody in New Mexico

In most cases, children are raised by their biological parents, who retain responsibility for their care and well-being until they reach adulthood. However, there are some instances when kinship custody must be enacted, either for the safety of the child or to provide support for the parent(s). In New Mexico, the guardianship of a child […]

Planning Your Will: 5 Steps to Get Started

Major life events like marriage, divorce, buying property, or the arrival of a child often provide the momentum most people need to get their affairs in order and prepare a will. A will is an essential legal document that details your wishes regarding end-of-life care, who will manage your finances if you are incapacitated, and […]

4 Different Types of Legal Documentation Your LGBTQ+ Partnership Needs

The Respect for Marriage Act provides statutory authority for marriages between same-sex individuals and is a positive, monumental step in placing LGBTQ+ relationships on the same legal footing as heterosexual marriages. However, when entering into an LGBTQ+ partnership of any kind, there are some additional legal documents you’ll want to prepare in order to safeguard […]

What to Look For in an LGBTQ+ Family Lawyer

As a person in an LGBTQ+ relationship who’s considering marriage or starting a family with their partner, you may be interested in hiring an LGBTQ+ family lawyer to help secure you and your partner’s, or you and your family’s future. There are a variety of factors you’ll need to consider that the average hetero-couple will […]

What is a Divorce Settlement Facilitation?

If you and your partner have separated and have agreed to start the divorce process, you’ve probably heard the phrase “settlement facilitation” used once or twice by your attorney or mediator. Since most people aren’t familiar with the process, their next question is “what is settlement facilitation” In this article, we’ll define what this meeting […]

What is a Default Divorce & How Will it Affect You?

Whether you and your soon-to-be-ex partner agree on most matters in your divorce process or not, your hopes for a fast divorce can easily fade when the other party stops responding. While you may or may not expect them to ignore you personally, it is uncommon for someone to stop responding to divorce lawyers, attorneys, […]

Visitation Rights of Outside Family Members After a Divorce

There are few matters that can make the divorce process more complex than child custody. When you’re not an immediate family member of a child, but still want to maintain your relationship with them, it can be nerve-wracking to watch the custody battle from the sidelines. Will you be granted visitation? Can a legal guardian […]