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What to Expect During Adoption in New Mexico

There is a lot of preparation involved when you are welcoming a new member into your family. If you live in New Mexico and are considering adoption, an attorney experienced in family law in Albuquerque and elsewhere in the state can help you during this process. In the meantime, learn more about what to expect […]

Who is the Guardian Ad Litem?

When you are part of a disputed case involving child custody in Albuquerque or elsewhere in New Mexico, you will interact with many people during your case. While you may understand the role the attorneys involved will play, you may not be familiar with the guardian ad litem (GAL) appointed by the court for your […]

Yes, You Should Establish Paternity: Here’s Why

When an unmarried couple has a child, the child’s father isn’t automatically the legal “father” by law. To ensure you have a legal relationship with your child as a parent, you have to establish paternity. Here is a look at how this can be beneficial to you and your child. Parenting Time Allocation You will […]

Child Support Negotiation: What to Know

Some degree of “negotiation” over child support is possible in New Mexico, and it can be better than relying on the determination by the court if you get a good agreement. Your attorney can help ensure you are getting the amount of child support you are entitled to. In the meantime, consider what you need […]

4 Common Questions About LGBTQ+ Divorce in New Mexico

Divorce is a sensitive and emotionally jarring time for most couples who are thinking about or going through it. When you are part of a LGBTQ+ couple considering divorce, you likely have questions about what to expect, including the common ones below. Can I Get a Divorce in New Mexico? Possibly, as long as you […]

How to Protect Your Parental Rights

Whether you are getting divorced, legally separating or ending your relationship with your partner, if there are children involved, you are probably worried about your rights as a parent. This is especially true if you feel there is a chance your co-parent will attempt to challenge your rights during this time. Take some steps right […]

6 Changes You Can Try Post-Divorce

Going through a divorce is, naturally, a pretty emotional time. There are many big life changes that come with a divorce, and it can be tough to handle all of them. Whether your divorce is difficult or amicable, emotions are still likely running high, and you may be concerned about transitioning to your new solo […]

5 Mistakes People Make in Foster Care Adoption

Adopting is a wonderful way that many people use to grow their families. While there are many different routes to adoption, one common way is through the foster care system. People decide to work as a foster family in the hopes of making a strong connection to the children in their home. Then, they can […]

All About the 3 Basic Family Agreements

Making an agreement with your current or soon-to-be spouse about what happens during a divorce or legal separation can help make the process run more smoothly for everyone involved. While you may make many different types of family agreements, there are three that commonly relate to divorce: prenuptial, postnuptial and legal separation. Entering into any […]

Trying to Talk About a Prenup? Here’s How to Get Through to Your Future Spouse

You love the person you are planning to marry and have full faith in your relationship. However, you also know that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong in the future, you will save yourself and them drama, stress and heartache if you have a prenup in place. If your initial attempts to talk […]