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What to Look For in an LGBTQ+ Family Lawyer

As a person in an LGBTQ+ relationship who’s considering marriage or starting a family with their partner, you may be interested in hiring an LGBTQ+ family lawyer to help secure you and your partner’s, or you and your family’s future. There are a variety of factors you’ll need to consider that the average hetero-couple will […]

What is a Divorce Settlement Facilitation?

If you and your partner have separated and have agreed to start the divorce process, you’ve probably heard the phrase “settlement facilitation” used once or twice by your attorney or mediator. Since most people aren’t familiar with the process, their next question is “what is settlement facilitation” In this article, we’ll define what this meeting […]

What is a Default Divorce & How Will it Affect You?

Whether you and your soon-to-be-ex partner agree on most matters in your divorce process or not, your hopes for a fast divorce can easily fade when the other party stops responding. While you may or may not expect them to ignore you personally, it is uncommon for someone to stop responding to divorce lawyers, attorneys, […]

Visitation Rights of Outside Family Members After a Divorce

There are few matters that can make the divorce process more complex than child custody. When you’re not an immediate family member of a child, but still want to maintain your relationship with them, it can be nerve-wracking to watch the custody battle from the sidelines. Will you be granted visitation? Can a legal guardian […]

The Key Difference Between Protection & Restraining Orders in New Mexico

When you’re a victim of domestic violence, you’re likely familiar with phrases like “restraining order” and “protection order,” but what does that mean for you? If you’re ready to seek protection from someone who is abusing, stalking, harassing you, making you feel unsafe, or otherwise affecting your quality of life, then you may need to […]

How to Plan for Divorce When You & Your Partner Own a Business Together

In a previous article, we discussed the factors involved and actions you can take in pursuing a divorce as a business owner. However, what should you do to prepare when your partner in marriage is also your partner in business? Divorce–an already complex process–becomes an even more complicated subject for you, your partner, your legal […]

When Should You Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Whenever you’re in a situation that falls under the umbrella of family law, you may wonder to yourself when it’s necessary to hire a family law attorney for their expertise and guidance. While each situation is different, every person and every instance can benefit from the professional help an experienced lawyer can provide. Let’s review […]

What You Should Know About the Most Common Types of Divorce

If you’ve started to research the divorce process, you’ll probably come across the various avenues you can take to finish the process. Everything from “collaborative divorce” to “litigated divorce” can occur, but how do you know which one you want to pursue or which one your situation will likely turn into? In this article, we’re […]

What Are the Requirements to Adopt in New Mexico?

When you’re set on starting your family through adoption, often the first concern in any prospective parent’s mind is “what are the requirements to bring a child home?” As adoption grows in popularity across the country as well as New Mexico, more people are learning about the rigorous process involved with adopting as well as […]

Parental Alienation & Shared Custody: What You Need to Know

As a divorced parent, one of the worst feelings you can have is feeling that the other parent is actively working to turn your child against you or damage their relationship with you. If you’re concerned this is happening or you’ve noticed strange behavior in your child or ex-spouse, you may be witnessing parental alienation, […]