A Quick Guide to Child Custody & Separation

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Separated couples often need time to decide whether or not they will divorce. Many parents assume they will not need a child custody agreement during separation, but just like divorce, parents need to work out a child custody agreement and visitation schedule while they are separated.

About Child Custody Agreements & Visitation Schedules

Child custody agreements outline who the custodial parent will be and visitation schedules allow the parent who does not live with the children to continue contact. It’s crucial for parents to work out these agreements so they can amicably co-parent whether or not they end up deciding to divorce.
How the children will be supported financially is one of the main components to a temporary custody agreement. While a custody agreement during separation is less detailed than divorce, a temporary agreement still must outline how the parents will assist the children financially during separation.
Because visitation agreements are temporary during separation, they are less detailed than agreements after divorce. The agreement usually does not address custody during holidays and vacations, although it can be as detailed as the couple sees fit. At a bare minimum, the visitation agreement must include a simple schedule of when the non-custodial parent will see the children.

Consistency is Key for Children

As an Albuquerque family law office, the most important piece of advice we give separated parents is to preserve their child’s normal routine as much as possible. Separation can feel devastating to a child, but ensuring that your child’s routine is minimally disrupted gives him or her the security needed during this difficult time.
It’s also important for the non-custodial parent to maintain an active role in their child’s life. Whether it’s spending time at home or just picking them up from school, both parents need to be a part of their child’s life during separation.

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