5 Reasons A Bride and Groom Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial ( premarital ) agreementPrenuptial agreements (prenups) are considered by many to be necessary precautions taken in the event of a divorce. Arranging a customized prenup does not mean that your marriage is going to necessarily end in divorce. However, it does mean that both you and your spouse will be happier in the event that something unexpected does occur that may lead to the end of your union.
Reasons to Arrange a Prenups
There are endless reasons as to why somebody may feel strongly about setting up a customized prenuptial agreement. If you are planning on getting married and do not feel that a prenup is necessary for your situation, take into consideration the following. You may feel safer knowing that a prenup is designed to help prevent unpleasant scenarios later on in life, which, in turn, can actually secure your marriage.

  1. Distribution of Wealth: One of the most common reasons that couples settle on terms for a prenuptial agreement has to do with money. If one partner has considerably more assets, then he or she may want to protect against potential depletion of his or her own wealth. On the other hand, if a partner is significantly less moneyed or propertied than the other, he or she may wish to obtain fair security for himself or herself in the event of a divorce. Either way, signing a prenup will ensure that finances are divided fairly according to each partner’s wishes.
  1. Jobs and Businesses: Regardless of ones financial status at the beginning of a marriage, a well-paying job or prosperous business may offer strong earning potential for the future. If one or both partners have steady jobs or promising business endeavors, it is important to know that these are just as valuable as physical assets. The earning potential of a business can also be tricky to define during divorce proceedings, so outlining specific courses of action in the event of a divorce will make things easier on everyone in the future.
  1. Children: Having children can offer complications later down the road in the event of a divorce. Both partners will want to have access to the child(ren) and both will desire financial equality when it comes to raising them. Alimony and child support are separate issues, so signing a prenup can greatly encourage a supportive and fair divorce when it comes to the child(ren). This will provide a kinder transition for both partners, and more importantly, their offspring.
  1. The Length of the Divorce: In some situations, divorces can take years to finalize. Without a prenup, the headaches and financial strains of going through a divorce can be enormous. In order to ensure a timely divorce with fair consequences for all involved, a prenuptial agreement is necessary.
  1. Emotional involvement: Divorces are highly stressful, and even in a loving relationship, large issues such as money and custody can bring out feelings of hostility. All too often, divorces are exhausted by emotions. While both partnersí feelings are justifiable, they can get in the way of the practical details of the divorce proceedings. A prenup can prevent unnecessary disagreements and enable a couple to come to just terms in a peaceful and amicable way.

Where to Go From Here
Thinking about the prospect of a divorce is inevitable when arranging a prenuptial agreement. However, by posing questions regarding the what if’s that apply to all couples now, you will ensure a calmer experience in the event of a divorce. You will also gain further insight into your partner’s character and intentions, which will help solidify your union. The Law Office of Doreen A. Kuffer can help you negotiate the terms of your prenuptial agreement in a positive and constructive manner.