7 Adoption Myths Busted 

Growing your family via adoption is a major life decision, so it’s important to learn as much as possible about it before you begin the process. Although an attorney experienced in family law in Albuquerque can answer your legal questions, you may find yourself searching for adoptive parent resources for an insider view. During that research, you may have also come across some misconceptions regarding adoption that are making you second-guess your decisions.

Before you let online information deter you from considering adoption, keep in mind that there are many common myths that still surround adoption, including those outlined below.

The Birth Mother Can Take the Baby Back

Adoption is permanent once the birth mother signs the legal consent to it or has her rights terminated, any associated deadlines have passed and/or all legal requirements have been met. If you have any concerns about this possibility, be sure to speak to your attorney about it right away.

Only Certain Types of Couples Can Adopt

As long as you are ready and committed to giving a child a loving, stable home and meet the requirements applicable in your case, you can adopt. New Mexico does not discriminate against gender or sexuality when it comes to adoption.

Adoption Is Very Expensive

The adoption process does come with costs because it is a complex legal procedure. However, you can set your own budget before you begin the process. There are many forms of adoption depending on your circumstances. You may need to go through an agency or may not. It does not have to be as costly as you may have read. If you adopt a child in the foster care system, for example, the process may cost far less than if you work with a domestic agency. You can also save in advance so you are prepared for the fees associated with the type of adoption you select.

Adoption Will Take Many Years to Complete

Adoptions do not need to take years and years to complete. When the correct adoption professionals are involved, you could adopt a child in less than a year. The more open and honest you are about your preferences, the faster you will find a match. Remember to listen to your coordinator’s ideas and keep your attitude positive for a process that moves more smoothly.

Birth Mothers Are Paid to Put Their Children Up for Adoption

A birth mother can receive compensation for her living costs and expenses related to her pregnancy, but she cannot be compensated for putting her child up for adoption. State law restricts the funds that can be paid to a birth mother to cover her living expenses, and her adoption professional will work with her to determine what she will need and how she will pay for those costs.

Birth Mothers Never See Their Baby Post-Adoption

While this was true of closed adoptions in the past, more adoptions are open these days. In an open adoption, the adoptive parents and the birth mother stay in contact pre-adoption, during adoption and post-adoption. There is no one set way to maintain contact, and you and the birth mother can decide what forms of contact will be used, such as in-person or by phone, and how often that contact will happen.

You do not have to embark on your adoption journey on your own. Be sure to work with an experienced adoption attorney and a coordinator you are comfortable with. That way, you will always know the status of your adoption and have access to support, guidance and advice during this exciting time.