3 Ways to Wait Well During Your Adoption Journey

Anyone at the start or in the midst of their adoption journey knows that waiting is often one of the toughest parts. Whether you are waiting to be chosen by birth parents, waiting for the child to be born or waiting for the finalization of the adoption, it can be downright difficult at times.

While you are waiting, it is important to keep your hope and your spirits up. You can also educate yourself during this time and prepare for your new family in the future. Since you have to wait, you can at least wait well!

Educate Yourself More

You have likely already read about adoption and the process and connected with an experienced adoption attorney. While your attorney will handle the complexities of your adoption and serve as your guide, you can still prepare yourself even more for the realities of adoption and parenting.

One way to educate yourself is by reading adoption books and articles. There are many free resources online in this area, and you can also find adoption guides in your local library for free. If you’re not a big reader or feel you don’t have the time to sit with a book, try adoption-related podcasts. Many of these are also free, and you can listen to them on your drive into work or when you’re making dinner or doing yard work or other household chores. You can also find and follow adoption blogs, which tend to be a shorter reading commitment. Some of these blogs document the many phases and emotions of an entire adoption journey event by event, which can be very helpful to read as you prepare to go through your own adoption.

Look for Support

If you haven’t yet joined an adoption support group, now is the time to do so. It can be very beneficial to find other parents who are in or have been through the adoption process. Although your family and friends are likely offering support, it is very helpful to connect with people who know exactly what you are currently experiencing and will likely experience in the future. You can also learn more about what to expect and how others cope with the waiting involved and hear personal adoption stories straight from the source. There are support groups open to adopting parents online and in-person; ask your attorney and your adoption professional for recommendations in your area.

Practice Self-Care

Enjoy time for yourself now, before your child arrives. This may sound trivial, but there will be less free time when your child arrives. Take the time to relax a bit before you no longer have that option. Whether it involves spending time with friends or family, making time for hobbies, going on trips or just taking a long bath, these are the things that can help you take your mind off of your wait and keep you rejuvenated throughout your adoption journey.

If you are married or in a committed relationship, now is the time to spend some quality time with your partner one on one, too. Enjoy those at-home dates or romantic dinners now, as you may not have as much time for them once your child arrives. It is important that you and your partner are as emotionally connected as possible before your child comes home.

You can also take some time to create something for your little one. You can start a journal, make keepsakes or even write your future child a letter. These activities can be great outlets for your emotions during this time and are a great way to connect with your child before they arrive.